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Being Human No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


Being Human

Directed by

Bill Forsyth


Robin Williams
Kelly Hunter
Maudie Johnson
Max Johnson
Eoin McCarthy
Irvine Allen
Iain Andrew
Robert Cavanah
Andrew Flanagan
Seamus Gubbins
Iain McAleese
David McGowan
Gavin Mitchell
Michael Nardone
Brian O'Malley
Paul Riley
Grace Mahlaba
Danny Kanaber
Jim Hooper
Robin Hooper
Simon McBurney
Vivienne Ritchie
David Morrissey
Andrew Tiernan
Laurance Rudic
Mark Long
Rouchdi Mohamed
Hassan Mekkiat
Simon Clark
Sam Guttman
Dave Jones
Anna Galiena
Vincent D'Onofrio
Winnie Watts
Gemma Francs
Finlay Welsh
Andrew Charleson
Matteo Mazetti Di Pietralata
Maria Mazetti Di Pietralata
Elena Salvoni
Paul Higgins
John Surman
Conrad Asquith
Zoot Lynman
George Dillon
Jonathan Hyde
Lizzy McInnerny
Hector Elizondo
Gregor Henderson-Begg
Ken Stott
Steve Shill
Peter Kelly
Donald Sumpter
Tobie Cronje
Bhasker Patel
Gavin Richards
Nicholas Hewetson
Tim McMullan
Stefan Weclawek
Willie Jonah
Luke Hardy
Helen Miller
Charles Miller
Lindsay Crouse
Lorraine Bracco
John X. Heart
William H. Macy
Rafiu Omidiiji
Jeanne Reynolds
Andrew Dolan
Karen L. Thorson
Louis Landman
John Finn
Jos Prez
Adam Bryant
Diane Gnagnarelli
Nina Lektorsky
David Proval
Danny Kovacs
Rob Brezsny
Robert F. Keefe
Theresa Russell

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