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Ben Is Back

Directed by
Peter Hedges
Courtney B. Vance
Kathryn Newton
This film has not been released in the UK yet
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“Ben is Back” Movie Extravaganza  Sloatsburg Village

Just last January Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges were filming in and around Sloatsburg. The Sloatsburg Library acted as night time movie shoot headquarters ...

Thu, 21st February 2019

Ben is Back review: Julia Roberts movie tackles America’s drug crisis  NEWS.com.au

She may have only made a dozen movies in the last 10 years and one of those may have been Mother's Day, but when she has a meaty role, you can't repress ...

Thu, 31st January 2019

Ben is Back review: Julia Roberts' star power almost overwhelms addiction drama  The Sydney Morning Herald

While Julia Roberts is very good in the role, the film's main assets are elsewhere – principally in the performance of Lucas Hedges.

Tue, 29th January 2019

Julia Roberts gives one of her best performances in addiction tale Ben is Back  Noted

There is nothing a parent wouldn't do for a child in peril. Their love is the fiercest and most devoted. But when that child is in the grip of addiction, parents are ...

Sun, 3rd February 2019

Ben is Back film review: a powerful conclusion  Community Newspaper Group

Addiction issues are tackled in many films and while Ben is Back offers nothing new, its conclusion is no less powerful.

Wed, 30th January 2019

FILM REVIEW: Ben is Back  Wollondilly Advertiser

Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges shine in stirring addiction drama Ben is Back.

Mon, 4th February 2019

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