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Breaking Away


Directed by

Peter Yates


Dennis Christopher
Daniel Stern
Jackie Earle Haley
Barbara Barrie
Paul Dooley
Robyn Douglass
Hart Bochner

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Behind-the-scenes of the Indiana classic 'Breaking Away' 40 years later  Courier Journal

"Breaking Away," was released 40 years ago this month. Two Courier Journal photographers recall what it was like on the movie set in Indiana.

Tue, 9th July 2019

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Dennis Quaid has starred in some of the most beloved sports films ever made, but his true passion has always been golf.

Thu, 4th July 2019

'Breaking Out': Galway Review | Reviews  Screen International

Dir. Michael McCormack. Republic of Ireland. 2019. 85mins. Sometimes, the most intimate story can give the biggest possible picture. Breaking Out begins with ...

Mon, 15th July 2019

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Wed, 19th June 2019

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