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Chappie No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


6th March

Directed by


Sharlto Copley
Yo-Landi Visser
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Brandon Auret
Johnny Selema
Anderson Cooper
Maurice Carpede
Jason Cope
Kevin Otto
Chris Shields
Bill Marchant
Robert Hobbs
Mark K. Xulu
Sherldon Marema
Shaheed Hajee
David Davadoss
Anneli Muller
Kendal Watt
Eugene Khumbanyiwa
Chan Marti
Vuyelwa Booi
Mike Blomkamp
Anthony Bishop
Paul Dobson
Max Poolman
Alistair Prodgers
Wandile Molebatsi
Arran Henn
Thami Ngubeni
James Bitonti
Andea Volschenk
Hein De Vries
Dan Hirst
Paul Hampshire
Graeme Duffy
Miranda Frigon
Edwin Gagiano
Janus Prinsloo
Sean O. Roberts

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Movie details
UK total gross

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Popular in: Russia

UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 3

UK Box Office Chart History
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9th March 2016

Ending the 3 week run of Deadpool this week is London Has Fallen which takes over on its debut weekend of release.

The sequel to the 2013 film about the White House takes over at the top with a debut weekend gross of £3.2 million.

It could be the location of course but London debuts with a £1 million gross higher than the original film, plenty of competition down the line to see this disappear quite quickly.

Deadpool falls to number 2 this week, the superhero film is still doing good numbers at the box office and this week does £1.5 million to brings its total to £34.1 million.

Deadpool is also the highest total grossing film on the box office this week.

Also new this week is Hail, Caesar! from The Coen Brother at number 3, The Other Side of The Door at number 9 and The Choice at number 10.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Staying on top for a second week was The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel while the highest new film of the week was Chappie at number 4.

Five years ago
Rango entered the box office at the top and with a all new top 3 Paul fell from the top to 4.

Ten years ago
Comedy Date Movie stayed for another week at the top while Syriana entered the highest at number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Hannibal managed to stay another week at the top while Chocolat made its entry at number 2 as the highest new film.

Twenty years ago
Trainspotting and Sense and Sensibility traded places on the box office in the number 1 and number 2 spots while the highest new film was Strange Days right down at 7.

Twenty five years ago
Dances With Wolves remained at the top for a fifth week while Green Card was the highest new film at number 2.

14th July 2015

For the first time in who knows how many weeks the top film of the week remains the same as last week with The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel holding into the top spot.

With Fifty Shades of Grey also holding on at number 2 the highest new film enters the chart at number 3 in the shape of the Will Smith starring Focus.

Focus was released into UK cinemas on 27th February of this year entering the chart at number 3 that week and making £1.9 million in weekend takings.

The rolling week it went up to number 2 but then slipped down the chart staying on the top 15 for a 6 week stint during which time it grossed £7.3 million.

Also new this week is Still Alice at number 5, Chappie at number 6, The Boy Next Door at number 12 and The Wedding Ringer at number 13, all of which had small chart runs this year.

11th May 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron is still dominating the world this week on it's third week of release help in no small part by it having a very good second weekend in America.

A world gross of $145 million saw it very comfortably retain its lead over the rest, although it does have by far the greatest territory release with 91 countries.

Furious 7 is still the second film with a world gross of $24 million for the week and with a world total of $1.4 billion to looks set to overtake the original Avengers Assemble film as the third highest of all time.

The rest of the top 5 is filled out with Hot Pursuit at 3, Chappie at 4 and Home at 5.

Highest new film is Pitch Perfect 2 which had a early release in 2 territories and makes number 6 with $8.8 million putting it in good shape when it has a full release this week.

The full top ten looks like this

  1. Avengers: Age Of Ultron - $145,503,000
  2. Fast and Furious 7 - $24,872,020
  3. Hot Pursuit - $14,700,000
  4. Chappie - $9,800,000
  5. Home - $9,000,000
  6. Pitch Perfect 2 - $8,800,000
  7. The Age Of Adaline - $8,200,000
  8. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 - $8,190,000
  9. Cinderella - $5,574,000
  10. Silent Separation - $5,500,000

24th March 2015

The Divergent Series Insurgent opened up in 77 countries this last weekend and without too much of a challenge becomes the top film across the globe.

Taking a world grossing $101 million the film easily knocks Cinderella down to second place after a single week as the global top film.

New animated film Home is 3rd this week with a global gross of $19.2 million and Tak3n gets a new surge of life after opening in China and takes $18.6 million.

Finally on the top 5 this week is Lost and Love from China which takes $16.2 million from just 5 countries os release so far.

Here is the full top 10 global films this week

  1. The Divergent Series Insurgent - $101,025,000
  2. Cinderella - $75,592,000
  3. Home - $19,200,000
  4. Tak3n - 18,600,000
  5. Lost And Love - $16,285,000
  6. Kingsman: The Secret Service - $13,100,000
  7. Focus - $11,200,000
  8. Run All Night - $10,120,000
  9. Chappie - $7,750,000
  10. Big Hero 6 - $6,775,000

17th March 2015

Cinderella not only dominated the North American box office this week is also went global taking in $132 million dollars in all territories.

The Kenneth Branagh film is yet to open in many countries but it did debut in 32, so expect it's stay to be much longer as it opens worldwide.

Inside the top 5 we have Kingsman The Secret Service is at 2 with Chappie at 3, Focus falls from the top to 4 and new at 5 is Run All Night which opened in 20 territories and opened to $17 million.

Here is the full worldwide top 10

  1. Cinderella - $132,453,000
  2. Kingsman: The Secret Service - $19,900,000
  3. Chappie - $19,350,000
  4. Focus - $19,305,000
  5. Run All Night - $17,615,000
  6. Big Hero 6 - $17,226,000
  7. Fifty Shades Of Grey - $11,195,380
  8. American Sniper - $10,930,000
  9. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - $9,800,000
  10. Jupiter Ascending - $9,215,000