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Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog
Directed by
Paul Schrader
Willem Dafoe
Christopher Matthew Cook
Omar J. Dorsey
Louisa Krause
Melissa Bolona
Reynaldo Gallegos
Chelcie Melton
Bruce Reizen
Jeff Hilliard
Ali Wasdovich
Louis Perez
Magi Avila
Tevis R. Marcum
Todd Emmett
Michael Vehar
David Downie
David Spencer
Moussa Hachem
Keith Hernandez
Robert Maples
Allen Roth
Jessica Sonneborn
Rick Fike Jr.
Michael Wisniewski
Mark Salas
Theresa Wylie
Joe Gallipoli
Paul Schrader
Chelsea Mee
Cheryl L. Sorice
Steve Mayberry
Jessica Daley
Tora Kim
Nicky Whelan
Charles Dean Stead
Ali Amin Carter
Carl Mintz
DeAndre Bush
Lauren Ashley Berry
Leilani Barrett
John Patrick Jordan
Phillip Shaun DeVone
Christopher Butler
Donavan Darius
Richard Fike
Jonathan Gaietto
Matt Grycan
Jake Ingrassia
Sean Manos
Johanna McGinley
Brian Nagel
Kristina Randjelovic
Jocelyn Jae Tanis
Rex Alba
Laura Allen
Jay J. Bidwell
Megan Brautigam
Susan Cashdollar
Peter Chiamardas
Lou Consolo
Benjamin Donlow
Kim Evans
Rod Fielder
Joe Fishel
Eric Frank
Logan Fry
David Gragg
Beshoy Hanna
Kenneth l Hobbs
John W. Iwanonkiw
Gary Jones
Connie Kincer
Shawn Mattox
Jack Norman
Kayla Perkins
Edward Pfeifer
Whitney Romito-Mason
Debbie Scaletta
Gabrielle Sebben
Jerry Sur
Ted Williams

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10th January 2017

A quiet time of year with no major blockbusters newly released on home video has Mechanic Resurrection climbing to the top of the chart and Dog Eat Dog the highest new film at number 17!

Its unusual for films to climb to the top of the video charts, and when they do they are usually big box office hits, so to have Mechanic Resurrection do the feat us unusual, but from an entry at number 2 last week it climbs.

Jason Statham must have a strong following as the film which was released on 26th August 2016 entered the box office at number 10 with just over half a million on its debut.

The film only laster 2 weeks before falling from the chart and it took £1.1 million during its cinema run.

Sausage Party falls from the top of the chart where it made its debut last week to number 3 this week.

Highest, and only, new entry is the Nicholas cage film Dog Eat Dog, a minor hit that was released November 2016 it didn't chart and took £1,152.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £1,152 and is the 8867th top grossing film in the UK

Genres:Popular in: United States
Box Office
UK release date:
Box Office History
Other Box Office History
18 November 2016