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Dragged Across Concrete

Dragged Across Concrete
Directed by
S. Craig Zahler
Tory Kittles
Michael Jai White
Thomas Kretschmann
Jennifer Carpenter
Laurie Holden
Don Johnson
Udo Kier
Fred Melamed
Justine Warrington
Matthew MacCaull
Primo Allon
Jordyn Ashley Olson
Myles Truitt
Tattiawna Jones
Clare Filipow
Richard Newman
Vivian Ng
Andrew Dunbar
Alexander Soto
Tristan Jensen
Eric Bempong
Liannet Borrego
Mekhi Fester
Adam Tsekhman
Trezzo Mahoro
Dalias Blake
Giacomo Baessato
Jenn Griffin
Cardi Wong
Cameron Grierson
Emilio Merritt
Simon Chin
Paul Rogic
Matt Kennedy
Andrea Pizarro
Jasmine Lukuku
David Quinlan
Harry Han
Patrick Dodd
Veronika London
Jay Hindle
Bzhaun Rhoden
Brett Alexander Davidson

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News from around the web
Dragged Across Concrete review – crime caper that outstays its welcome  The Guardian

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn star as two thoroughly unlikable cops.

Sun, 21st April 2019

Dragged Across Concrete review – horribly compelling Mel Gibson thriller  The Guardian

Gibson and Vince Vaughn are a pair of out-of-control cops careering towards in oblivion in S Craig Zahler's long but often-brilliant crime flick.

Wed, 17th April 2019

Dragged Across Concrete may be an exercise in genre pastiche but it's surprisingly engaging and affecting  The Independent

Dir: S Craig Zahler; Starring: Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, Tory Kittles, Jennifer Carpenter, Don Johnson, Laurie Holden, Michael Jai White. Cert 18, 159 mins.

Fri, 19th April 2019

Dragged Across Concrete is film's answer to Katie Hopkins  The Sun

IT'S PROVOCATIVE and attempting to confront viewers with their subconscious prejudices - but it is naffly done. Then there's the deliberately needling script that ...

Sat, 20th April 2019

S. Craig Zahler's 'Dragged Across Concrete': A Messy Drama  The Atlantic

The new film, starring Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn as corrupt cops, is the latest from the director to embrace troubling stereotypes.

Mon, 25th March 2019

Film review: Dragged Across Concrete; Greta; Red Joan  The Times

Dragged Across Concrete18, 159 mins This third film by S Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99) is a cop drama with 1970s style and ...

Sun, 21st April 2019

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UK BBFC Certificate: 18

Popular in: India and Norway

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