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Directed by

Chris Wedge


Blake Anderson
Aziz Ansari
Allison Bills
Jim Conroy
Todd Cummings
John DiMaggio
Troy Evans
Jason Fricchione
Judah Friedlander
Helen Hong
Kelly Keaton
Emma Kenney
Kyle Kinane
Beyonc Knowles
Anthony Lumia
Malikha Mallette
Joe Massingill
Edie Mirman
Chris O'Dowd
Steven Tyler
Allison Weber
Dan Green
Matt Adler
Ashley Albert
Stephen Apostolina
Eric Bradley
Jeremy Bowker
Dennis T. Carnegie
David Cowgill
Randy Crenshaw
Monique Donnelly
Moosie Drier
Roger Freeland
Jackie Gonneau
Bridget Hoffman
E.J. Holowicki
Rif Hutton
Edie Lehmann
Hope Levy
Selenis Leyva
Brian Scott McFadden
Jake Moulton
Eric Nelsen
Bill New
Dana Nielsen
Jonathan Null
Chris Phillips
Lori Prince
Peter Pamela Rose
Michelle Ruff
Christopher Scarabosio
Jeff Smith
John Storey
Byron Thames
Randy Thom
Madeleine Whittle
David Zyler
Jason Harris
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Avengers: Endgame overtakes Avatar as top box office movie of all time  BBC News

Avatar's 10-year reign as the world's highest-grossing film has ended. On Sunday, Marvel's Avengers: Endgame crossed $2.7902bn (£2.23bn) at the box office, ...

Mon, 22nd July 2019

Epic Chinese war film premiere cancelled in apparent censorship  The Guardian

Communist party figures say The Eight Hundred glorifies second world war heroism of rival Nationalist party. Verna Yu in Hong Kong. Thu 27 Jun 2019 19.38 ...

Thu, 27th June 2019

Marvel's phase 4 plans revealed at epic Comic-Con panel  Los Angeles Times

The energy at Marvel's Hall H panel Saturday evening could only be compared to that of a rock concert. Even “Endgame” directors Joe and Anthony Russo had ...

Sun, 21st July 2019

Bill Hader Says 'It' Sequel Is Massive and Epic in Scope  PEOPLE.com

As anticipation builds for the upcoming sequel to the 2017 blockbuster film It, Bill Hader says It Chapter Two will be “massive” and “epic” in scope compared to ...

Thu, 18th July 2019

‘It Chapter Two’: Bill Hader Says the Sequel Is an ‘Epic Horror Film’ Akin to ‘Lord of the Rings’  IndieWire

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Thu, 18th July 2019

25th September 2018

Calling it the Harry Potter world is old hat now, the Wizarding World as its known is now growing beyond the boy wizard and we have a new series of films.

The Fantastic Beasts series reaches its second film this November and today Warner Bros. release the final trailer.

Were not a big fan of the Harry Potter series but we loved Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and judging from this trailer the mystery and wonder as well as the sheer epic spectacle are all in place.

I cant help thinking that after a great first movie in the series this film is just going to fall to type and be a good guy versus bad guy like Harry Potter.

Decide for yourself and and check out the trailer below.

9th October 2017

There was never any doubt that the highly anticipated new Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049, was going to top the box office, but expectation were a little higher than was achieved.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford the film has garnered fantastic reviews with a true sequel storyline and fantastic cinematography.

With a debut gross of just over $31 million on an expectation of $50 million maybe the sci-fi epic was a little too much for movie goers.

Falling to number 3 this week is last weeks top film IT which takes just shy of $10 million on its 6th weekend of release for a total US gross of $304 million.

Coming in at number 2 is The Mountain Between Us starring Kate Winslet and Idris Alba with a US weekend gross of $10 million.

Also new this week is animated film My Little Pony with an $8 million debut.

It is the longest longest running film and well os t he top total grossing film on the top 10 this week.

15th August 2017

Christopher Nolan's War epic Dunkirk makes it an incredible 4 weeks at the top of the UK charts leaving Annabelle Creation to make its debut at number 2.

With a less than 50% drop in weekend grosses to £2.6 million Dunkirk has had an incredible journey so far at the box office, especially as the big money was on Annabelle taking the top spot this week.

This has brought the war dramas total gross in the UK to £ 44.7 million and it is now easily the second top grossing film of 2017, it won't get to the top as Beauty and The Beast is on £77.3 million.

The sequel and spin off series Annabelle Creation makes its debut at number 2, the film is a sequel to Annabelle but is part of the Conjuring series of films.

The aggressive marketing push has given the film a £1.9 million opening weekend, this is almost identical to the original film which went on to gross £7 million in the UK.

Also new this week is Atomic Blonde at number 3 with £8 million and The Nut Job 2 Nutty by Nature at number 10 with just over £354 thousand.

Longest run on the box office is Baby Driver which has been around for 7 weeks now while the top grossing film this week is Dunkirk.

Historical charts

A year ago
Suicide Squad remained at the top for a second weekend while the top new film was Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates right down at 5.

Five years ago
Ted stayed at the top of the box office while the top new film was Step Up 4 Miami Heat which was new at 3.

Ten years ago
Rush Hour 3 was the top new film of the week making its debut at number 1, it knocked The Simpsons Movie down to number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Men in Black II remained at the top for a second weekend with the top new film Eight Legged Freaks making its debut at 3.

Twenty years ago
Men In Black was the top film again while the top new film was Grosse Point Blank at number 4.

Twenty five years ago
Far and Away remained the top film for a second, there were no new films this week twenty five years ago!

1st August 2017

After a strong debut last weekend the Christopher Nolan war epic Dunkirk remains at the top despite a strong showing from The Emoji Movie.

A weekend gross of $26 million was enough to secure a second weekend on top for Dunkirk with a 44% drop in weekend grosses.

This brings the total gross after 10 days to $102 million, another hit for Nolan after the Batman trilogy, Interstellar and Inception.

A strong debut for The Emoji Movie has brought the film into the box office at number 2, it narrowly missed out on the top spot with a $25.6 million debut.

Animated features do well these days from the likes of Disney and Dreamworks and with kids using Emojis on a daily bases and the kids holidays coming to an end, so parents treat the kids this could have a way to go.

Also new this week is Atomic Blonde, the R rated movie makes its debut at 4 with $18.5 million.

Wonder Woman is once again the longest running film and the highest total grossing with 9 weeks on the chart and $396.4 million in grosses.

12th June 2017

The release of a new Tom Cruise film its bound to make some waves and The Mummy makes its debut at the top of the global box office this week with a $175 million opening.

Domestically (in America) the film has not gone down that well with a $32.2 million debut, but internationally the film has and takes $141.8 million, the film is opened in 64 countries this week.

Compared to previous Cruise movies this is a low take, the reviews have not been that favourable and it must be a bit worrying to Universal as this is supposed to be the first of a new universe of movies.

Wonder Woman slips to number 2 this week, still doing good business it takes $115.2 million from 58 countries which brings the Gal Gadot film to $435.2 million in global takings.

The film is still getting good word of mouth and it has really kicked the DC Universe into gear, it will be interesting to see for Justice League performs later this year.

The rest of the top 5 has Pirates of the Caribbean 5 at number 3 with $45 million, Baywatch at number 4 with $15 million and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie at number 5 with $14 million.

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UK BBFC Certificate: U

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