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Epic A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over, although it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child.

U films should be set within a positive framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threat or horror. If a work is particularly suitable for pre-school children, this will be indicated in the ratings info.


 102 minutes (1 hours 42 minutes)
UK release date Released: 1st May 2013  |  BBFC Age Rating:  U
US release date Released: 24th May 2013

Directed by


Blake Anderson
Aziz Ansari
Allison Bills
Dandelion Jinn
Jim Conroy
Race Announcer / Additional Voices
Todd Cummings
Fruit Fly (Old)
John DiMaggio
Pinecone Jinn
Troy Evans
Thistle Jinn
Jason Fricchione
Bufo's Goon
Judah Friedlander
Taxi Driver
Helen Hong
Thistle Lady
Kelly Keaton
Berry Lady
Emma Kenney
Marigold Girl
Kyle Kinane
Biker Dude
Anthony Lumia
Fruit Fly (Young)
Malikha Mallette
Jinn Mom
Joe Massingill
Stickman Jockey
Edie Mirman
Flower Jinn
Chris O'Dowd
Roller Derby Girl
Mary Katherine (M.K.)
Steven Tyler
Nim Galuu
Allison Weber
Flower Kid
Thomas F. Wilson
Matt Adler
Additional Voices
Ashley Paige Albert
Additional Voices
Stephen Apostolina
Additional Voices
Eric Bradley
Additional Voices
Jeremy Bowker
Additional Voices
Dennis T. Carnegie
Additional Voices
David Cowgill
Additional Voices
Randy Crenshaw
Additional Voices
Monique Donnelly
Additional Voices
Moosie Drier
Additional Voices
Roger Freeland
Additional Voices
Jackie Gonneau
Additional Voices
Bridget Hoffman
Additional Voices
E.J. Holowicki
Additional Voices
Rif Hutton
Additional Voices
Edie Lehmann Boddicker
Additional Voices
Hope Levy
Additional Voices
Selenis Leyva
Additional Voices
Brian Scott McFadden
Additional Voices
Jake Moulton
Additional Voices
Eric Nelsen
Additional Voices
Bill New
Additional Voices
Dana Nielsen
Additional Voices
Jonathan Null
Additional Voices
Chris Phillips
Additional Voices
Lori Prince
Additional Voices
Peter Pamela Rose
Additional Voices
Michelle Ruff
Additional Voices
Christopher Scarabosio
Additional Voices
Jeff Smith
Additional Voices
John Storey
Additional Voices
Byron Thames
Additional Voices
Randy Thom
Additional Voices
Madeleine Whittle
Additional Voices
David Zyler
Additional Voices
Jeff Bennett
Fruit Fly (Adult)
Jason Harris
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2nd Aug

The first trailer for the Denis Villeneuve directed Dune has been released and it looks as epic as you'd expect from the Blade Runner 2049 creator.

The book Dune was first adapted in 1984 by alternative director David Lynch, it was not well received at the time but has built a cult following over the years.

As technology has moved on and film makers are able to visualise fantastical fantasy books closer to the source material films are being remade that look stunning.

Judging from this first trailer the movie looks fantastic and as Epic a movie as you can have, every scene just looks incredible.


One of the main criticisms of the David Lynch directed version was the confusing plot, this looks like the story telling has been upped and made more accessible for the masses.

The movie is set for December 18th 2020 in the UK and US, save from any delays because of a COVID-19 spike, and looks set to be a big Christmas hit.

In this age where there are no new movies (just yet) getting released and studios are re-releasing 'classic' catalogue films to get people to go back to movie theatres that a 19 year old Harry Potter movies is the top global release of the week.

We are still a couple of weeks away from Tenet, being championed as the saviour of cinema, is released so the box office is largely filled with re-releases and low budget horror movies, and as China and Japan seem to be getting back to normal there is a number of films from those territories doing well.

Here is the top 5 worldwide movies weekend 14th - 16th August 2020.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

The first Harry Potter movie (replace Philosopher's for Sorcerers outside the UK) gets a 4K 3D rerelease in China and take $13.6 Million in the process making it the top gross global movie of the weekend.

The movie up to Sunday had taken a global gross of $996.1 Million but after a blockbuster Monday at the box office the movie has now taken over a Billion dollars in global grosses.

Bad Boys For Life

The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence buddy cop movie get a Chinese release and takes $3.2 Million on its opening weekend meaning its a re-entry on the global box office at number 2.

The movie has now taken $424.6 Million globally since its release back in mid January of 2020.

Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur

Doraemon is a long running animated series in Japan and this week the latest movie in the series goes up to number 3 with a weekend gross of $2.6 Million.

The movie directed by Kazuaki Imai has now taken $15.5 Million in global grosses.

The Eight Hundred

The Eight Hundred

Acclaimed Chinese director Hu Guan's war epic is at number 4 this week as his latest movie makes its debut in China with a weekend gross of $2 Million.


Christopher Nolan's 2014 movie about space travel across the galaxy falls to number 5 with a global gross of $1.7 Million taking to movies total gross to $710.5 Million.

Having been in American cinemas on limited release for a couple of weeks (allowing it to be considered on the awards season) 1917 goes on wide release and takes over at the top of the US box office from Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker while comedy Like A Boss is the top new film.


Sam Mendes was epic makes its way to the top of the US box office after 3 weeks on limited release to a weekend gross of $36.5 Million.

The movies total gross after 3 weeks of release of $39.2 Million, the film has been nominated for various awards like Best Feature at the Oscars and has already won Best Drama at the golden globes which can only increase its total gross.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

After 3 weeks at the top the final movie in the Skywalker saga falls from the top to number 2 with a weekend take of $15 Million.

This puts the J.J. Abrams directed movies total US gross after 4 weeks at $478.1 Million, behind both the other entries in the sequel trilogy.

The movie is the highest total grossing movie on this weeks box office.

Jumanji: The Next Level

The sequel movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black falls to number 3 this week with $14 Million giving the movie a 5 weeks total gross of $257.1 Million.

Like A Boss

Like A Boss

Highest new film of the week enters the US box office at number 4 with this corporate comedy staring Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish which takes $10 Million on its debut weekend.

Just Mercy

Director Destin Daniel Cretton's movie climbs to number 5 this week as the movie is put on wide release and takes $10 Million on its 3rd weekend of release, the film has taken $10.5 Million in total.

Frozen II

Disney's smash hit animated film is at 8 this week having taken $459.3 Million over 8 weeks, the longerst on this week chart.

J.J. Abrams epic end to the Skywalker Saga remains at the top for a second weekend over the Christmas period while the animated movie Spies In Disguise makes its debut inside the top 5.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Second week of release for the Lucasfilms/Disney end of saga release and it retains its place at the top of the box office with a weekend gross of $166.3 Million from 53 countries.

This pushes the films total gross to $724.7 Million after 2 weeks of release, the movie should make it to over a Billion but it will have its work cut out to beat the $1.3 Billion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Jumanji: The Next Level

Director Jake Kasdan's Jumanji sequel remains at number 2 this week with a weekend gross of $96.9 Million from 63 countries.

this takes to films total global gross to $471.4 Million after 3 weeks of release, the movie may struggle to get over a Billion in total gross as did Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle 2 years ago.

Frozen II

Disney's sequel to one of its highest grossing animated movies takes $58.7 Million this week from 54 countries and is at number 3.

The film now has a total gross of $1.2 Billion after 6 weeks of release and has now surpassed to total gross of the first Frozen movie.

Spies In Disguise

Spies In Disguise

Disney inherited this Will Smith and Tom Holland starring movie in its buyout of 20th Century Fox and the film lands at number 4 this week with $29.2 Million from 33 countries.

Including previews this gives the film a total gross to date of $38 Million.

IP Man 4: The Finale

The sequel movie from China takes $28.8 Million this week from 12 countries putting it at number 5 on the global box office and its total sites at $111.8 Million after 2 weeks of release.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, directed by JJ Abrams has just had a new poster and trailer released, and it simply looks epic in every way.


Its hard to know where to start! So lets start with the poster, this is excellent and brings to a conclusion a look and feel that has spilled across the 40+ years of Star Wars posters.

It's atmospheric, character filled and once you have seen the film I'm sure you will be able to relive the movie just by looking at the poster, interestingly General Lia is not pictured on the poster although Carrie Fisher is first on the cast list!

Now the trailer - oh my god this is simply brilliant. The nods to the past are clearly in evidence right from the start as we see Rey running through a forrest with a helmet falling at her feet.

We see what looks like a star destroyer and the Death Star being pulled out of a ocean, is Rey doing this? Or is Rey and Kylo Ren doing it?

We see Rey and Kylo in what looks like the Death Star throne room from The Return Of The Jedi, and are they helping each other, if so HAS Rey gone to the dark side?

It looks like we'll have to get our hankies ready as well, does General Leia's story conclude in the most tragic of ways, at the end of the trailer we hear Luke say 'The Force Will Be With You' then we hear Leia say 'Always' suggesting they are both with the Force.

We get the return of Lando Calrissian, but will he survive the whole film or has he been brought back to conclude his story as well? Also what is happening to C-3PO, is he about to die!!

The new trilogy of films has done the best job ever in introducing us to new characters, but their fate looks uncertain, in the final moments of the trailer is that Emperor Palpatine we see floating down to confront Rey?

The movie is out on December 19th (December 20th in US) so we will have to wait till then to get our final answers.