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Directed by
Jimmy Nail
Victoria Sus
Julian Littman
Olga Merediz
Laura Pallas
Julia Worsley
María Lujan Hidalgo
Servando Villamil
Andrea Corr
Peter Polycarpou
Gary Brooker
Maite Yerro
Adria Collado
Gabriel Kraisman
Martin Drogo
Venesa Weis
Veronica Ferrari Risler
Aldana Garcia Soler
Domingo Chiofalo
Ismael Osorio
Lidia Catalano
John Coverdale
Roderick Hart
Ian Hill
Rob Levy
Teddy Peiro
Joe Townsend
Mark Ryan
Gordon Neville
Frederick Warder
Albin Pahernik
Luca Tommassini
Denis Tremblay
Eva Vari
Zsanett Farkas
Sergio Lerer
Mara Bestelli
Monica Lairana
Bettina Menegazzo
Laura Miller
Marcelo Alejandro Auchelli
Luis Alday
Luis Boccia
Vera Fogwill
Alfredo Martin
Diego Leske
Francisco Napoli
Eduardo Ruderman
Fabián Stratas
David Henry
Fernando Agustin Henin
Alan Parker
Denis Lill
Balazs Tardy
Nick Holder
Brian Cobby
George Little
Ana Justo
Victor Satchwell
Sally Bourne
Rachel Izen
Susan Raasay
Nickolas Grace
Peter Hughes
John Gower
Charles Lewsen
Ian Good
Troy Jackson
Marcos Woinsky
András Komlós
Ricardo Aliaga
Eileen Booth
John Byrnes
Iris Christy
Ina Clare
Anna De Freitas
Alison Del Rio
Eduardo del Río
Dan Dorlin
Anne Frankel
Els Gevaert
Fabiana Giudicotti
Diomar Giraldo
Edward Grundy
Jackie Hall
Peter Jessup
Asad Khan
Geoff Lambert
Barry Levhar
Richard Marcel
Lawrence Merry
Tony Meredith
Osvaldo Hector Miranda
Myriam Ojedo
Kerry Ribchester
Peta Roby
Carmela Romero
Warren Smith
Diana Syrat
Ariadne C. Villareal
Mem Ferda
Harry Fielder
Che Grant
Csaba Kelemen
Hector Malamud
Anahi Martella
Billie Piper
Lucinda Rhodes
Jorge Sabate
Gabor Salinger
Norberto Trujillo
Tamas Wandracsek

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10th January 2017

The debut of video game adaptation Assasins Creed produces the first new number one film of 2017 knocking off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story after 3 weeks at the top.

Starring Michael Fassbender as the time travelling assassin the film based on a video game debuts at the top with £5.2 million including previews.

As a star one one of the biggest movie franchises around this is by no means the highest debut gross for Fassbender, but it is good for a non franchise debut, for director Justin Kurzel it is his best grossing film to date.

Its unclear if Assassins Creed will continue to do well, it got bad reviews from the press and the audience for these films is usually front loaded so it could drop sharp in the coming weeks.

Falling from the top after 3 weeks is Rogue One although the film enjoyed a decent fourth week gross of £3.2 million which brings its total gross in the UK to £59.6.

The film wont reach the heights of The Force Awakens but this is still a great total gross, also worth a note is that the Monday - Sunday gross of £7.6 million would have put it at number 1.

Also making its debut this week is A Monster Calls at 3 with £2 million and Silence at number 4 with £1.5 million.

Rogue One is the highest total grossing film around at the moment and the longest running film this week is Storks at number 15 which has been around now for 10 weeks.

Historical charts

A year ago
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens made it four weeks at the top and by this point was the top grossing film in the UK ever while The Hateful Eight was the top new film at 2.

Five years ago
Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol stayed at the top for a second weekend while Oscar winning film The Iron Lady was new at 3.

Ten years ago
Staying at the top for a second weekend was Night At The Museum while Miss Potter was the top new film at number 2.

Fifteen years ago
The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring stayed at the top for the new year while top new film was Behind Enemy Lines at number 3.

Twenty years ago
Evita made its debut at the top of the box office knocking 101 Dalmatians down to number 2 after 3 weeks at the top.

Twenty five years ago
Bill and Teds Bogus Journey entered the box office at the top while Curly Sue fell to number 3 after debuting at the top.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £7,834,400 and is the 781st top grossing film in the UK

The film has a US gross of $50,047,179 and is the 1502th top US domestic film.

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 3

Box Office History