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Directed by
Eddie Barth
Irene Cara
Lee Curreri
Laura Dean
Antonia Franceschi
Boyd Gaines
Albert Hague
Tresa Hughes
Steve Inwood
Paul McCrane
Anne Meara
Joanna Merlin
Barry Miller
Jim Moody
Gene Anthony Ray
Maureen Teefy
Debbie Allen
Richard Belzer
Frank Bongiorno
Bill Britten
Eric Brockington
Nicholas Bunin
Cindy Canuelas
Nora Cotrone
Mbewe Escobar
Gennadi Filimonov
Victor of Aquitaine
Penny Frank
Willie Henry Jr.
Steve Hollander
Sang Kim
Darrell Kirkman
Judith LHeureux
Ted Lambert
Nancy Lee
Sarah Malament
James Manis
Carol Massenburg
Isaac Mizrahi
Raquel Mondin
Alba Oms
Frank Oteri
Traci Parnell
Sal Piro
Lesley Quickley
Ray Ramirez
Loris Sallahian
Ilse Sass
Dawn Steinberg
Jonathan Strasser
Yvette Torres
F.X. Vitolo
Stefanie Zimmerman
Tracy Burnett
Greg De Jean
Laura Delano
Michael DeLorenzo
Aaron Dugger
Neisha Folkes-LeMelle
Karen Ford
Robin Gray
Hazel Green
Eva Grubler
Patrick King
Cynthia Lochard
Julian Montenaire
Holly Reeve
Kate Snyder
Meg Tilly
Louis Venosta
Philip Wright
Ranko Yokoyana
Adam Abeshouse
Yvette D. Carrington
Fima Ephron
Anthony Evans
Crystal Garner
Lisa Herman
Thais Hockaday
Karen Hoppe
Frankie Laino
April Lang
Richard Latimer
Lisa Lowell
Ann Marie McDermott
Kerry McDermott
Maureen McDermott
Josh Melville
Peter Rafelson
Ann Roboff
Boris Slutsky
Alan Vetter
Evan Weinstein
Perry Bedden
Christopher Biggins
Judith Blaylock
Barry Bostwick
Gaye Brown
Gregory Buchalter
Ishaq Bux
Stephen Calcutt
Jeanne Carr
Hugh Cecil
Imogen Claire
Julie Cohen
Rufus Collins
Sadie Corre
Guido Corte
Tony Cowan
Donna Edge-Rachell
Fran Fullenwider
Nancy Gilliam
Charles Gray
Lindsay Ingram
Peggy Ledger
Annabel Leventon
Anthony Milner
Richard O'Brien
Pamela Obermeyer
Patricia Quinn
Douglas Rowan
Karen Starr
Holland Taylor
Tony Then
Kimi Wong

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11th September 2018

The week saw the release of another in the ever growing Conjuring series in the form of The Nun which managed to make its global box offie debut at number 1.


The film saw itself go to the top of the box office in many countries and globally took $131 million from 61 countries on its debut weekend.

Stil pulling in audiences is Mission:Impossible Fallout which on its seventh week of release puls in $24.4 million from 66 countries which raises the global gross to $726.2 million, the highest of the series.

Surprise hit of the summer season is Crazy Rich Asians which is at 3 this week after pulling in $19.2 million from just 24 countries for a total gross of $164.7 million.

Another big hit of the summer is at 4, The meg pulls in $17.3 million from 68 countries for the week which means the film total gross now sits at $131.5 million, its Jason Stathams biggest global hot outside the Fast And Furious franchise.

To finish off the top 5 is another new entry, Peppermint directed by Pierre Morel of taken fame takes $14.6 million from just 18 countries for a reasonable debut from a little hyped films.

7th October 2014

There was little doubt over what would be the top film this weekend at the UK box office, and with ease the David Fincher directed Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck debuts at the top.

It's weekend take of £4.1 million Gone Girl makes a very impressive October debut. It has a long way to go for it to be Ben Affleck's top grossing film which is currently Shakespeare in Love from 1999.

Director David Fincher also has an impressive box office record, his best film to date being 1995's Seven, his second film, and considered a classic.

Coming in quite respectably in second is Dracula Untold which debuts at number 2 with £1.7 million.

Falling a single place to number 3 this week is The Equalizer which add's £1.2 million to make a 10 day total of £4.3.

Last weeks top film was an event movie for one day only, which actually had some “encore” screenings which means it hans on and makes £114,000 this week but, as expected, tumbles down the chart this week.

Historical charts

1 year ago
Prisoners stayed at the top of the box office for a second week while the top new film was Filth at two.

5 years ago
The Fame remake stayed at the top for a second week leaving the highest new film to enter at two, The Invention of Lying.

10 years ago
Tennis film Wimbledon kept hold of the top spot leaving Layer Cake to debut in the runner up spot.

15 years ago
Adam Sandler starred in the highest new film of the week, debuting at one with Big Daddy, The Haunting fell to number two after a week at the top.

20 years ago
October 1994 saw the dominance of The Lion King keep it at the top film of the month while Pulp Fiction and Frankenstein debuted strong in the top 5.

25 years ago
The big film of October 1989 was Back to the Future Part II which was the top grossing movie, Septembers top film Shirley Valentine was still doing well.

1st October 2014

At the UK box office this week there is a first for UK cinema, the single day screening of Billy Elliot the musical, screened live at cinemas across the country tops the box office.

Event cinema has become bigger and bigger in the UK over the last couple of years, Back to the Future this August was massive and Doctor Who has had a couple, none so far have come close to Billy Elliot's £1.9 million gross.

Surprisingly it beats into second place the much anticipated The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington, it was a close race but the 80's TV show remake's gross of £1.89 million was just shy of the number 1 film.

Two other film entered the box office this week inside the top 15
What We Did On Our Holiday at 4
Maps to the Stars at number 15

Historical Charts

This time last year Prisoners took over at the top from Ron Howard's Rush which went back to number 2 after a single week at the top.

Five years ago the remake of 70's classic Fame hit the box office summit on it's debut week knocking Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs after a week at the top.

Ten years ago it was all change at the top end of the box office with Wimbledon taking the number 1 spot knocking Collateral down to 3.

Fifteen years ago The Haunting made it's debut at the top while Eyes Wide Shut fell to the 3rd positon after a couple of weeks at the top.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £547,168 and is the 3650th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 3

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