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Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four
Directed by
Miles Teller
Kate Mara
Toby Kebbell
Reg E. Cathey
Tim Blake Nelson
Joshua Montes
Owen Judge
Kylen Davis
Evan Hannemann
Chet Hanks
Mary-Pat Green
Tim Heidecker
Mary Rachel Dudley
Wayne Pére
Rhonda Dents
Barney Lanning
Dennis Thomas IV
Abhi Trivedi
Benjamin Papac
Jim Gleason
Gabe Begneaud
Anna R. Parsons
Brian Stapf
Ben VanderMey
Elvin Presley
Brittney Alger
J.T. Rowland
Gretchen Koerner
Hunter Burke
Han Soto
Michael Mick Harrity
Melissa McCurley
Jane Rumbaua
Anthony Reynolds
Spence Maughon
Lance E. Nichols
Deneen Tyler
Marco St. John
Shauna Rappold
Juan Corrigan
Jaylen Moore
David Kency
Adam Fristoe
Dina Morrone
Don Yesso
Jackson Pyle
Jerome Andries
Michael D. Anglin
Sue-Lynn Ansari
Jonathan Antone
John L. Armijo
Jon Arthur
Tim Bell
Eric Berris
Nicolas Bosc
Jodi Lyn Brockton
Kesha Bullard
Garret Caillouet
Robin Lee Canode
John Ceallach
David Michael Cefalu
Artrial Clark
Markeith Coleman
Kyle Crosby
Robert DArensbourg
Bennett Wayne Dean Sr.
Doris Dean
Robert Bigg Sarge Deon
Santana Draper
Heather Edelman
Kevin Gaddie
Alexandra Goel
Gloria Gonnillini
Jeffry Griffin
John Henry
Christopher Heskey
Garrett Hollingsworth
Nathaniel Holt
Ronnie Hooks
Samantha Hopkins
Tamika Shanell Johnson
Patrick Kearns
Nick Killebrew
Steve Kish
Catherine Kresge
Douglas Lacey
Cynthia LeBlanc
Elton LeBlanc
Gerard Jerry Lewis
John Macphail Jr.
John R Mangus
Sheldon Maurer
Mike R. Moreau
Duane Moseley
Mike S. Murphy
Max Nadsady
Ravi Naidu
Clint Michael Naquin
Keith Nussbaum
Joseph Oliveira
Fernandez Osvaldo
Jason Palombo
Roger Pfeiffer
Will Phillips
Andre Pushkin
Diezel Ramos
Anthony Ramsey
Carlos Retana Jr.
Gus Rhodes
Kerry Sims
Lisa Ann Smith
Andrew j Spinks
Will Stone
Erica Summers
John Teal Jr.
Daryl Thibodaux
Nathan Alan Thomas
Ethan Myles Venable
M. Jearl Vinot
Jerrad Vunovich
Alfonzo Walker
Aaron V. Williamson
Stephen Wise
Jesse Yarborough
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Tue, 12th March 2019

19th August 2016

Despite there being 7 new releases hitting the top 15 films this week the top five films in the UK remain unchanged from last week with Suicide Squad remaining at the top.

On its second weekend of release the DC comics anti-hero picture took £4.2 million, down just over 66% from the previous weekend.

The film has now taken £22 million during its 10 days of release and is not that far behind stable mate Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

With the rest of the top 4 remaining fairly static the highest new film of the week is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates starring Zak Efron and Anna Kendrick.

The comedy film took just over a million pound on its debut weekend in the UK, but the suspicion is it will fall fast in the coming weeks ready for a home video release.

Big suprise of the week is the Disney remake of Petes Dragon landing at number 6 with £844,090, one of the Mouse Houses smallest hits in a while.

Other new films this week are Newrve at number 7, The Shallows at number 8, Mohenjo Daro at number 11, Rustom at number 12 and finally Wiener Dog at number 14.

Longest running film this week and highest total gross is The Secret Life of Pets, 8 weeks on the chart and £33 million.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Pixels made its debut at the top of the box office smashing Fantastic Four down to number 6 after a single week at the top.

Five years ago
Rise of The Planet of The Apes took over the top spot on its debut knocking off Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 which fell to number 3.

Ten years ago
Cars remained at the top of the box office for a third week while highest new entry was Monster House right down at number 4.

Fifteen years ago
Cats and Dogs remained at the top of the box office for another week with The Parole Officer entering highest at number 5.

Twenty years ago
Independence Day was the top new film of the week making its debut at the top with Twister falling to number 2 on its third week of release.

9th August 2016

There was just one major release this week there which basically means there was inevitably going to be a new film making its debut at the top, and as predicted Warner Bros. Suicide Squad does just that.

Continuing the DC Cinematic Universe that was started in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice this film does something the Marvel/Disney have not yet dared, put the bad guys front and centre.

And audiences have lapped this up with Suicide Squad topping the UK box office with an excellent £11.2 million, nearly as big as the much more anticipated Batman V Superman from March.

That superhero movie sank quickly at the box office so we'll be watching things closely to see if it does similar.

Worth noting is that if the chart listing was taken over the whole week then Finding Dory would sit at the top with £12 million.

Highest total grossing on this weeks top 10 is The Secret Life of Pets which has now grossed over £32 million, while longest stay on the box office is The Angry Birds Movie with 11 weeks.

Historical charts.

A year ago
The Fantastic Four reboot made its debut at the top of the box office knocking Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation down to number 2.

Five years ago
Four weeks in and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was still number 1 leaving JJ Abrams Super 8 to debut at number 2.

Ten years ago
TV show turned movie Miami Vice made its debut at the top knocking Cars down to number 2.<> Fifteen years ago
Cats and Dogs made its debut a the top of the box office knocking Jurassic Park III from the top which fell to number 3.

Twenty years ago
Twister remained at the top for a second week leaving James and The Giant Peach to make its debut at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was at top for another week while the top new film came in at number 2 in the shape of Backdraft.

22nd December 2015

On the UK video chart this week, with Christmas fast approaching, Pixar's Inside Out makes a return to the top of the video chart.

The film was released 3 weeks ago and was knocked off by Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation last week, Rogue Nation drops to number 2 this week.

Highest new film of the week is Fantastic Four which enters the video chart at number 3 this week.

The film was released in cinemas on 7th August 2015 at the top of the UK box office with a debut gross of £2.6 million.

The film was received with terrible reviews and the movie going public generally didn't like it, hence the film lasted for just 3 week on the box office and grossed just £5.6 million.

Also new this week are Paper Towns which enters at number 11 and The Bad Education Movie which is new at number 12.

24th August 2015

Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation manages to hold onto the world box office for another week with $36.9 million from 64 countries, one of the wides release at the moment.

The Tom Cruise film has had a very successful run at the world box office and has to date made $438 million in global takings.

Having a big boost this week thanks to a massive opening in China is Terminator Genisys which goes back up to number 2 with $26.2 million from 2 countries, global to date is $353 million.

Highest new film of the week if the Chinese film Bride Wars, not to be mistaken with the American film of the same name from 2009.

Bride Wars (or ????? to give it the proper title!) takes $23.6 million from just the single country it has been released in, China.

Here if the full top 10 global films this week.

  1. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation - $36,900,000
  2. Terminator Genisys - $27,610,000
  3. Straight Outta Compton - $26,876,125
  4. Bride Wars - $23,600,000
  5. Fantastic Four - $19,850,000
  6. Hitman Agent 47 - $16,700,000
  7. Man From U.N.C.L.E. - $15,420,000
  8. Sinister 2 - $13,633,000
  9. Go Away Mr. Tumor - $13,000,000
  10. Minions - $12,506,290

17th August 2015

Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation stays the top film across the globe for another week although in comparison it is released in 63 countries whereas Straight Outta Compton shows strong figures from America alone.

Rogue Nation takes $63 million globally this week and is starting to slow down, it's global take is now $373.4 which should put it ahead of part 3 but it will struggle to beat the others.

Compton makes an impressive debut at number 2 with $56 million from America alone, it gets released across the globe in the coming weeks but its home territory is where the audience is.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. makes it's debut this week at number 3 from 24 countries with $25.5 million, it will be seen as a disappointment.

Here is the full global top 10

  1. Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation - $63,100,000
  2. Straight Outta Compton - $56,106,165
  3. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - $25,535,000
  4. Fantastic Four - $24,200,000
  5. Go Away Mr. Tumor - $21,500,000
  6. Minions - $20,161,200
  7. Veteran - $18,250,000
  8. Pixels - $15,415,000
  9. Inside Out - $13,435,000
  10. Brothers Blood Against Blood - $13,040,000

Movie details
UK total gross
UK top grossing film
Fantastic Four

US total gross
Fantastic Four

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Popular in: United States and United Kingdom

Box Office
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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 3

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