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1st August
Guardians Of The Galaxy

Directed by

James Gunn


Michael Rooker
Karen Gillan
Djimon Hounsou
Glenn Close
Benicio Del Toro
Laura Haddock
Sean Gunn
Peter Serafinowicz
Christopher Fairbank
Krystian Godlewski
Wyatt Oleff
Gregg Henry
Janis Ahern
Solomon Mousley
Lindsay Morton
Robert Firth
Melia Kreiling
Tom Proctor
Nick Holmes
Max Wrottesley
Stan Lee
Nicole Alexandra Shipley
Sharif Atkins
Brendan Fehr
Tomas Arana
Mikaela Hoover
Emmett Scanlan
Dominic Grant
Spencer Wilding
Alison Lintott
Alexis Rodney
Nathan Fillion
Keeley Forsyth
Frank Gilhooley
Alexis Denisof
Enzo Cilenti
Richard Katz
Enoch Frost
Ronan Summers
Ophelia Lovibond
Laura Ortiz
Marama Corlett
Rosie Jones
Abidemi Sobande
Alex Rose
Ekaterina Zalitko
Emily Redding
Stephen Blackehart
Jennifer Moylan-Taylor
Bruce Mackinnon
Ralph Ineson
Rob Zombie
Naomi Ryan
John Brotherton
Graham Shiels
James Gunn
Douglas Robson
Rachel Cullen
Isabella Poynton
Imogen Poynton
David Yarovesky
Miriam Lucia
Raed Abbas
Habib Anibaba
Helen Banks
Tyler Bates
CJ Forst
Melissa Galloway
Alexander Gillison
Seth Green
Leigh Holland
Pete Buzzsaw Holland
Lee Edward Jones
Lloyd Kaufman
Joelle Koissi
Matthew David McCarthy
Stephen McDade
Serhat Metin
Emeson Nwolie
Marcus Payne
Rafael Pereira-Edwards
Louise Port
Diezel Ramos
Deborah Rosan
Gordon Round
Julian Seager
Leila Wong
Tatiana Zarubova

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29th May 2019

Hitting the US box office this week is the Disney live action remake of the 1992 animated movie Aladdin which makes its debut on top this week knocking John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum to number 2 after spending a single week at the top.



With Will Smith in a starring role as the Genie in this Disney live action remake it was never going to be a flop but early trailers got fans worried, they had nothing to worry about as the film gets a good critical response on release.

The film also stars Mena Massoud as the title character with the like of Naomi Scott also starring, the film is directed by Guy Ritchie.

On its debut weekend, which is also Memorial Day in the US, the film manages a fantastic $86.1 million, $112 million if you include the holiday Monday as well.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Having made its debut at the top last week the Keanu Reeves starring film falls to 2 this week with $24.3 million.

This pushes the films total US gross to $101 million.

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel film falls to 3 this week after 5 weeks of release but is still pulling in the audience with a $16.8 million gross.

This brings the films total gross to $798.1 million and the film is the second highest grossing film ever in the US, it will not go any higher.

Pokeacute;mon: Detective Pikachu

The live action film based on the Nintendo franchise falls to 4 this week but after 3 weeks it takes $13.3 million and pushes its total to $116.1 million.


New from director David Yarovesky is this new take on the super hero idea this is produced by Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn.

The film starring Elizabeth Banks and David Denman takes $7.5 million on its debut.

29th May 2019

Disney continue their remaking, and updating, of classic animations with a live action version of the 1992 Aladdin which easily tops the global box office on its debut weekend.



Starring Will Smith and Mena Massoud and directed by the underated British director Guy Ritchie the Disney film tops the global box office with $207.1 million.

this is far better than expected and although not as good as the Disney remake of Beauty And The Beast sits up there with the best of the recent run of live action films.

After the film got criticised after the first trailer, especially Will Smith's Genie, there were fears it would bomb, but critics and audience have likes the film and the box office future looks promising.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

After a very successful opening last week the Keanu Reeves starring film falls to number 2 this week with $49.1 million over the weekend.

This pushes the films total global gross to $175.3 million and the biggest John Wick film.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

The live version of the Nintendo creatures falls to 3 this week with $37.6 million pushing its total gross to $352.9 million and by far the most successful Pokémon film so far.

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel movie falls to 4 this weekend with $32.2 million which pushes the films total global gross to $2.7 Billion.

Its starting to look less like the film will beat the $2.78 Billion of Avatar but there is still hope and with a small push from Disney who knows.


New at 5 this week is this alternative take on the super hero story from director David Yarovesky and produced by Guardians Of The Galaxy Director James Gunn.

Starring Elizabeth Banks and David Denman curiosity has given the film a $12 million opening weekend.

1st January 2018

Top films globally in 2017: Beauty and the Beast top the global box office in 2017

2017 at the global box office was a story of remakes, sequels and superheroes where a beauty and a beast in live action was the top film of the year while the 8th Furious film wasn't far behind.

Beauty and the Beast, the live action version, was the top at the global box office during 2017 helping Disney to be, by a long way, the biggest studio of 2017 with 6 of the top 10 films coming from the mouse house.

Universal also did well in the runner up spot with Fast and Furious 8 and Despicable Me 3 at 2 and 3 as the long established series bucked a trend of diminished returns for sequels throughout the year.

Warner did well with the DC cinematic universe and the horror hit IT filling in the lower end of the list although Justice League failed to make the top 10 (although it is still on general release at the end of 2017).

Here is the top 10 films of 2017 across the globe.

  1. Beauty and the Beast - $1.2 billion
  2. Fast and Furious 8 - $1.23 billion
  3. Despicable Me 3 - $1.03 billion
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - $953.36 million
  5. Spider-Man Homecoming - $880.16 million
  6. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 - $863.73 million
  7. Thor: Ragnorak - $847.32 million
  8. Wonder Woman - $821.84 million
  9. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazars Revenge - $794.86
  10. IT - $698.06

6th September 2017

In a summer of superheroes, Apes and Pirates it was a was film which out grossed everything with few stars but a visionary director who is a master of storytelling.

Christopher Nolan has become one of the most prolific directors in modern cinema and he took the moving story of Dunkirk to the top over the summer to the tune of £53 million.

It was by far the top film of the summer season with the closest competitor at number 2 Spider-Man Homecoming which brought home just why of £30 million.

Next up is the highest grossing film ever from a female director in the shape of Wonder Woman which grossed £22 million while the apes rules at number 4 with War For The Planet of The Apes grossing £20 million.

IN recent years a new Pirates of the Caribbean film would have meant big money but Pirates of The Caribbean: Salazars Revenge came in at 5 with under £20 million, far less than previous entries.

Looking further down the top films of the summer in the UK Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 was the sixth top film while Alien: Covenant was the seventh and Baby Driver the eight.

Rounding out the top 10 is The Emoji Movie at nine and finally Cars 3 at number ten, another film which is suffering from series fatigue and has done far worse than the others in the series.

Looking forward to the holiday season ahead we can expect top film from IT to Kingsman The Golden Circle, Blade Runner 2049 to Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League to Star Wars: The LAst Jedi.

23rd July 2017

Coming from Comic-Con Thor Ragnarok gets a a new trailer.

More action than last time and more Hulk who plays a major park in this film.

Were getting a feeling of Guardians of the Galaxy in this film - clearly where Marvel are going with the new wave of films.

Check out the trailer below.

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