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Independence Day: Resurgence

24th June
Independence Day: Resurgence

Directed by


Jeff Goldblum
Jessie T. Usher
Bill Pullman
Maika Monroe
Sela Ward
William Fichtner
Judd Hirsch
Brent Spiner
Patrick St. Esprit
Vivica A. Fox
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Deobia Oparei
Nicolas Wright
Travis Tope
Chin Han
Gbenga Akinnagbe
Robert Loggia
John Storey
Joey King
Jenna Purdy
Garrett Wareing
Hays Wellford
Mckenna Grace
James A. Woods
Robert Neary
Joshua Mikel
Arturo del Puerto
Matthew Munroe
Jacob Browne
Ryan Cartwright
Travis Hammer
Lance Lim
Zeb Sanders
Donovan Tyee Smith
Stafford Douglas
Jade Scott Lewis
Beth Bailey
Mona Malec
Omar Diop
Ron Yuan
Grace Huang
Stephen Oyoung
J.P. Murrieta
Casey Messer
Ben Wang
Nicholas Ballas
Jonathan Richards
Ivan GVera
Michael Davis
Brandon K. Hampton
Sam Quinn
Shad Adair
Valerie Adams
Lorus Allen
Mark S. Allen
Toney Anton
Aurora Antonio
Justin Arnsworth
Nathaniel Augustson
Robert O. Baker
Colt Balok
Brian Barela
Wren Barnes
Richard Beal
Ciara Bergman
Todd Bethke
Morse Bicknell
Steven Blacksmith
Andrew James Bleidner
Brian Bolman
Dante Briggins
Nathan Brimmer
Edward Butron
Monique Candelaria
Paul Caster
Humberto Castro
Leilei Chen
Gabrielle Chevalier
Jeremie Dalaba
Ava Del Cielo
David Devereaux
Faber Dewar
Jetto Dorsainville
Edward A. Duran
Mark Falvo
Marlon V. Gaines
Diana Gaitirira
Gerry Garcia
Tahseen Ghauri
Alison Grainger
Evan Bryn Graves
William Greely
Stephen M. Hardin
Jason E. Hill
Landon Hill
Alan Humphrey
Raiden Integra
Benny James
Patrick Juarez
Jamie H. Jung
Jade Kammerman
Cory Kapahulehua
Harrison Kavanaugh
Katrina Kavanaugh
Sal Koussa
Tyler Kurtz
Tom Kwiat
Josh LaCombe
Jonathan Lane
Andrei Lapionak
Steve Larese
Shawn Lecrone
Kenny Leu
Cajardo Lindsey
David Loving
Kelly V. Lucio
Jonathan Lund
Jon McGarrah
David Melendez
David Miller
Justin D. Moore
Victoria L. Moya
Hans Obma
Vaughn Odenbrett
Johnny Otto
Akshay Patel
Daniel Pattison
Julian Petersen
Kyle Pierson
Catharine Pilafas
Alexander Daniel Pimentel
Tiffany Quilter
Grizelda Quintana
Dave Racki
Diezel Ramos
Alice Rietveld
Chris Romrell
Anthony J Sacco
Clayton Salberg
Brent Wayne Sanders
Gabriel Schmidt
Jack T. Silliman
Christian Simpson
Jeremy Sims
Alma Sisneros
Corey Sondrup
Phil Sperandeo
David Stanford
Michael E. Stogner
Aaron Templeton
Michael Love Toliver
Aaron Tyler
Crystal Udy
Gregory Paul Valdez
McKenna Wagenman
Shannan Wagenman
Taylor Wagenman
Jerry Walker
Rooter Wareing
Nate Warren
Joe Warshaw
Robert Douglas Washington
Charles Adam West
Jeffrey M. Williams
Danny Winn
Otis Winston
Benjamin Isaiah Wolfe
David Grant Wright

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26th July 2016

This week saw the release of a new Star Trek movie at the global box office and as with all the others in the new' universe created by JJ Abrahams it is the top film globally.

Its a softer debut than Star Trek or sci-fi is used to despite good reviews and seemingly a better film then the last one but a $89.6 million debut from 38 countries is strong enough to see it dominate.

The legend of Tarzan is at 2 this week and is getting stronger across the globe as it has a staggered release, its not performing in the US but it is globally.

The film took $51 million from 62 countries for a total global gross of $260 million to date.

Biggest news of the week is the string debut for Skiptrace, the Jackie Chan action film had a big release in Asia and from 3 countries took $44 million on its debut.

Independence Day: Resurgence is the top total grossing movie on the weeks top ten global box office with $361.2 million.

Here is the global top 5.

  1. Star Trek Beyond - $89,600,000
  2. The Legend Of Tarzan - $51,130,000
  3. Ice Age: Collision Course - $51,000,000
  4. Skiptrace - $44,000,000
  5. The Secret Life Of Pets - $39,330,275

27th June 2016

This week Roland Emmerich takes his sequel Independence Day Resurgence to the top of the global box office on its debut week of release.

The sequel to 1996's Independence Day took $143.7 million from the week lead by the likes of Mexico and Taiwan.

In total the film was released in 58 countries and the one place it didn't manage to it the top was North America where is was beaten by Finding Dory.

On the global stage Finding Dory fell to number 2 with a global gross of $110.2 million from 38 countries, 20 less than Resurgence.

The film is still playing strong in North America but is yet to open in some key territories including most of Europe.

The Pixar and Disney film total global gross is now sitting at $396.8 million, the one billion mark is surely a reachable target? Also new this week is The Shallows which makes a debut at number 7 with $16.7 million from a single territory, North America.<> Highest total grossing film on the world box office is Warcraft which has now grossed $412.1 million during its run.

Here is this weeks world grossing top 5

  1. Independence Day: Resurgence - $143,700,000
  2. Finding Dory - $110,234,746
  3. Now You See Me 2 - $56,550,000
  4. The Conjuring 2 The Enfield Case - $28,705,000
  5. Central Intelligence - $23,070,000

14th December 2015

Independence Day: Resurgence first trailer.

There is also a website detailing the events between the first and second films 20 year span.

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Independence Day: Resurgence

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Independence Day: Resurgence

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Independence Day: Resurgence

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