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Joaquin Phoenix
Sophie Dumond
Frances Conroy
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Tue, 9th July 2019

With ‘Ad Astra,’ ‘Joker’ Likely, Venice Set for Strong Showing by U.S., Bolstered by Streamers  Variety

"Ad Astra" with Brad Pitt, "Joker" with Joaquin Phoenix, the new "Rambo" movie and Noah Baumbach's latest film all look bound for Venice.

Tue, 16th July 2019

'It Chapter Two' And 'Joker' Are Distinctly Old-Fashioned Tentpoles (Box Office)  Forbes

Warner Bros. is counting on 'It Chapter Two' and 'Joker' to support an oddly old-fashioned slate of R-rated and/or adult-skewing movies.

Thu, 18th July 2019

‘Joker’: Marc Maron Explains the Character He Plays Opposite Robert De Niro  IndieWire

Marc Maron sheds light on his character in the upcoming DC origin story, "Joker."

Sat, 13th July 2019

Joker Movie: 6 Things We Want To Happen With Arthur Fleck (And 4 We Don't)  Screen Rant

Arthur Fleck is set to become the Joker. What do we want to see the Clown Prince of Crime get up to, and what does the movie need to avoid?

Fri, 12th July 2019

Todd Phillips promises his Joker movie will feature a ‘clear-cut’ origin story for the villain  SYFY WIRE

A few days back, we reported on director Todd Phillips making the bold claim that his standalone Joker film, which stars Joaquin Phoenix in the title role would ...

Thu, 11th July 2019

3rd April 2019

Taking the story of the villain from the Batman stories into a different narrative direction the first trailer for Joker has been released.

Directed by Todd Phillips who also brought us The Hangover series of films this re-telling of the villains story stars Joaquin Phoenix as the title character.

The film is released in the UK 4th October 2019 and is one of the more anticipated films of the year.

Check out the new trailer that was shown at CinemaCon below.

8th June 2009

The summers is well and truly over now so let's look back at what were the biggest film of the summer in the UK, and the surprise hit that kept the big budget films at bay.

Before the summer started it was expected in the UK that there would be a title fight for 2008 between The Dark Knight (or the Joker movie depending on your view) and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, although these films gave a really good run for their money it was a more gentle film with a fraction of the budget which has drawn the crowds at the box office.

The year has belong to in no small part Mamma Mia!, the film based on the stage play which is basically a platform for all ABBA's hits to be sung during a love story about marriage. There are no guns or big action set pieces in the film, and Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan lend their voices to various ABBA hits during the films running time.

Although it could have been predicted that the film would do well there has simply been no stopping it, 10 weeks after release the film has not been outside the top 3 film in the UK spending most of it's time at number 2, the film has taken at least a £1 million on each of it's first 10 weeks of release.

With Mama Mia! simply clearing up at the box office who has lost out? It was a year of very little blockbuster on the slate, the biggest of which were expecting to be The Dark Knight and the new Indiana Jones movie, these did well but the bigger of these two, The Dark Knight, is going to be well over £10 million behind the ABBA sing-along.

There is every likelihood that Mamma Mia! will end up as the second biggest grossing film in the UK (behind the 10 year old Titanic) but on the world stage its been a good ride for Mia! just not a great one. A competent performer in the US where it made $142 million dollars, which helped boost it's world gross to $498,795,370, it may well get to $500 million before it's end of life.

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