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Directed by


dgar Ramrez
Diane Ladd
Virginia Madsen
Isabella Rossellini
Dascha Polanco
Elisabeth Rhm
Susan Lucci
Laura Wright
Maurice Bernard
Jimmy Jean-Louis
Ken Howard
Ray De La Paz
John Enos III
Marianne Leone
Drena De Niro
Isabella Crovetti-Cramp
Emily Nunez
Madison Wolfe
Aundrea Gadsby
Gia Gadsby
Tomas Elizondo
Zeke Elizondo
Alexander Cook
Lori McCoy-Bell
Melissa Rivers
Donna Mills
Patrick Pitu
Jamell Washington
Kristen Annese
Carla Antonino
Stephanie Atkinson
Jeff Bellin
Amanda Blattner
David S. Bookbinder
Van Brockmann
John J. Burke
Joe Cali
Tom Carrigan
Ken Cheeseman
Angel Connell
Shawn Contois
Guy Cooper
Jeffrey Corazzini
Christopher Coulouras
Taber Cross
Edgar Damatian
Ariana DeFusco
Steven DeMarco
Damien Di Paola
Alexandre Dornback
Steven Dougherty
Stephanie Eaton
Michele Egerton
Victor Franko
Melissa Nussbaum Freeman
James Gaiero
William Galatis
Susan Garibotto
Tom Granger
Maria Green
London Hall
Paul Held
Arthur Hiou
Rosemary Howard
Lin Hultgren
Ian Dylan Hunt
Frankie Imbergamo
Marcela Jaramillo
Kate Jurdi
Tom Kilgallen
Jeremiah Kissel
Mary Koomjian
Gwen Kosak
Hashim Lafond
Patrick Languzzi
Ashley Lanzoni
Lauren Laperriere
Taixa Lenid
Allie Marshall
Thomas Matthews
Erica McDermott
Tanja Melendez Lynch
Adrian M. Mompoint
Meera Moran
Anastasia Sanidopoulos Mousis
Alyson Muzila
Richard Pacheco
Dale Place
Derek Pratt
Stew Replogle
Edmund Resendes
Alan Resnic
Rocky Rodriques
Lexie Roth
Pedro Sabino
Nicole Sarmiento
Leonel Severino
Dora Sexton
Chaunty Spillane
Gloria Koehn Straube
Paul Taft
Lino Tanaka
Bill Thorpe
J.P. Valenti
Karen Valovcin
George J. Vezina
Walley Walkker
Bates Wilder
Gary Zahakos
Amanda Zocco

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Streaming: Netflix's ode to Joy  The Guardian

Sudabeh Mortezai's feature about a trafficked Nigerian sex worker gets a Netflix boost; plus, a shimmering art-rock short.

Mon, 27th May 2019

‘Joy’ Review: In Austria, a Nigerian Woman Finds a Life Without Hope  The New York Times

Although Netflix has a reputation as an escapist clearinghouse, the streaming *service* isn't averse to the occasional tough sit. The Austrian film “Joy” — the title ...

Fri, 31st May 2019

‘Toy Story 4’ Review: Once Again, With Joy and Deep Feeling  The Wall Street Journal

Woody, Buzz and other familiar faces return—joined by new animated friends—in a story that deals with nothing less than the purpose of life.

Thu, 20th June 2019

Netflix Is a Business, Not a Movement  The Atlantic

While the streaming *service* has taken over cinema, it's important not to overstate the company's virtues or downplay its vulnerabilities.

Mon, 24th June 2019

Yesterday star Himesh Patel reveals Beatles song that got cut  DigitalSpy.com

Yesterday star Himesh Patel has spoken about filming on the Beatles movie and what song got cut from the final version.

Mon, 24th June 2019

​Watch a new film celebrating 40 years of Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures'  Mixmag

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Joy Division's seminal album 'Unkown Pleasures', the band's visual coordinator, Warren Jackson, has ordered a series of ...

Thu, 13th June 2019

29th May 2019

A new trailer is release today for the ever expanding Conjuring Universe release Annabelle Comes Home which its cinemas on 28th June 2019 from Warner Bros.

Annabelle is a demonically possessed doll that wrecks mayhem on all who get in her way and try to destroy her, It is directed by Gary Dauberman and Stars Mckenna Grace and Patrick Wilson.

The new trailer has a few jump scares but nothing new really, but the film will be loved by those who enjoy this series and the films universe.

Check out the trailer below.

20th December 2018

Its been over 10 years since the last Hellboy movie but next year the series gets a reboot with new director and star.

Guillermo del Toro did a hell of a job in the director chair but Neil Marshall has taken over and the new film stars David Harbour as the title character.

The film is set for release on 12th April 2019 and you can enjoy the trailer below.

7th December 2018

The moment many film fans have been waiting for has happened and Disney/Marvel have released the first trailer for Avengers 4 now officially titled Avengers Endgame.

Avengers Endgame

As well as the trailer and title we get the first official poster for the film which is excellent and tells a story in itself.

As if that wasn't enough we also get a new release date of April 26 2019, so we can enjoy the new superhero movie a little earlier than expected.

The 2 minute 25 second trailer is quite sombre in feeling and we see the remaining Avengers all contemplating their next movie, and spoiler warning (sort of) Jeremy Renner is definitely back this time, check it out below.

10th July 2017

The third re-boot of the popular Spider-Man swings onto the top of the US box office this week with one major difference from the previous series of the character.

Spider-Man Homecoming unlike the previous films is a Marvel film and part of the Disney MCU which allow it to feature Iron Man and Captain America, and it would seem audience are enjoy it.

Taking $117 million at the US box office this weekend it is the first time since the Sam Raimi Spider-Man that the series will make big money.

After making its debut at number 1 last week Despicable Me 3 falls to number 2 with a $34 million weekend, more than 50% drop from last week.

This brings the films total US gross to about $150 from its first 10 days of release, it will be the lowest grossing of the series.

Wonder Woman is the longest running film on the US box office this week with 6 weeks, it is also the highest total grossing with $368 million.

31st January 2017

Disney make a live action version of our favourite animated film ever, so the stakes are as high as ever.

THhs final trailer did move us quite a bit but we will hold judgement until we see the film.

In the mean time enjoy this final trailer.

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