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Life Of The Party

Life Of The Party

Directed by

Ben Falcone


Gillian Jacobs
Debby Ryan
Adria Arjona
Julie Bowen
Stephen Root
Luke Benward
Maya Rudolph
Christina Aguilera
Sarah Baker
Molly Gordon
Chris Parnell
Jimmy O. Yang
Jessie Ennis
Jacki Weaver
Matt Walsh
Heidi Gardner
Karen Maruyama
Raven Wynn
Laura Distin
Matthew Christensen
Jonathon Pawlowski
Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Mac Alsfeld
Yani Simone
Leli Hernandez
Jenna Perusich
Antonio J Bell
Emmy Allin
Chris Russell
Damon Jones
Michele Jang
Justin David
Chris Cavalier
Patti Schellhaas
Sheila Maddox
Clay Jeffries
Matthew Fowler
Ryan Newton
Anna Elizabeth
Sherin Maldonado
Ethan Williams
Mister Fitzgerald
Tim Peek
David King
Ahmed Zakzouk
Amy Carver Haynes
Bina Forbes
Sammy Sanders
Flynn Falcone
Mekai McGee
Austin Waits
Brandy Angel
Elijah Holland
Jon Horstman
Noelle Cameron
Bobby Akers
Cassidy Balkcom
Sydney Shea Barker
Alicia Beshears
Walter James Billingham II
Tyler Bilyeu
Joshua Booker
Victoria Budkey
Lucie Carroll
Michael R. Ciminna
Lacey Coan
Alie Craig
Kayla Ellenwood
Joseph Gabriel
Aleia Kristene
Demetri Landell
Caleb Martin
Casey McCullum
Stephen Payne
Charlie Reyes-Torreblanca
Jarreth Smith
Johny Walsh
Christina Michelle Williams

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15th May 2018

For perhaps the last weekend Avengers Infinity War continues its reign at the top of the US box office now on its 3rd weekend of release.

Life of The PartyWith a $61.8 million weekend take this brings the film total US gross to a staggering $547 million in less than 21 days.

Highest new film of the week is the Mellisa McCarthy comedy Life Of The Party which enters the box office at number 2 with a gross of $18.5 million.

Also new at number 3 is Breaking In which takes $16.5 million over the weekend.

To finish off the weekend we have Overboard with $10.1 million at number 4 and A Quiet Place at number 5 with $6.4 million, this brings the films total US gross to $169.5 million.

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Life Of The Party

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A


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Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 4

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