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Maid In Manhattan

Maid In Manhattan
Directed by
Wayne Wang
Jennifer Lopez
Natasha Richardson
Stanley Tucci
Tyler Garcia Posey
Bob Hoskins

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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez's new movie gives us Maid in Manhattan vibes  Channel 24

Jennifer Lopez makes her return to the romantic comedy genre with new film Second Act.

Fri, 20th July 2018

‘Second Act’: J.Lo Returns To Her Beloved ‘Maid In Manhattan’ Rom-Com Days In This Feel-Good Film  Hollywood Life

We've missed the days of 'The Wedding Planner' & 'Maid In Manhattan,' & apparently, so did Jennifer Lopez! Luckily, the Latina queen has returned to the big ...

Thu, 20th December 2018

Jennifer Lopez Re-Created Her Maid in Manhattan Outfit  WHOWHATWEAR

Jennifer Lopez just re-created this iconic outfit from Maid in Manhattan. Do you recognize it?

Fri, 26th October 2018

'Maid in Manhattan' (2002) - The Greatest Rags To Riches Movies Ever Made  Zimbio

'Maid in Manhattan' (2002) - Based on another John Hughes story, Maid In Manhattan was a major box office success for Jennifer Lopez in 2002. J-Lo was ...

Sun, 7th October 2018

Second Act a mashup of Working Girl, Maid in Manhattan  TheSpec.com

Here's the quickie review: Good cast, nearly hopeless script. “Second Act” hinges on a significant reveal around the midpoint, and it's a lulu in the worst way ...

Thu, 27th December 2018

The J-Lo vehicle Maid In Manhattan is an exceptionally well-directed rom-com  A.V. Club Austin

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by a new movie coming out that week. This week: While David Wain rips into the conventions of the ...

Thu, 26th June 2014

26th March 2013

After a couple of weeks at the top of the UK box office for Oz we now have a full change with The Croods leading the way.

Dreamworks animated comedy The Croody debuted at the top this week with £5.4 million. Last weeks top film, Oz the Great and Powerful fell to number 3, as Jack the Giant Slayer debuted in the runner up spot.

A year ago The Hunger Games made it's chart debut with a lot of hype and £4.9 million is takings. It knocked 21 Jump Street to number 2.

Five years ago there was a huge change in the chart with the whole top 4 was new, heading the pack was Horton Hears a Who! Which debuted with £2.9 million. The previous weeks top film, 10,000 BC fell to 5.

Ten years ago just Married hit the top spot, although the takings from the weekend were very low and it didn't even make $pound;1 million. The previus weeks top film, Maid in Manhattan fell to 2.

Fifteen years ago it was still Titanic, by which point it has by far become the biggest film in the UK ever and it's total was running at £51 million. In this week Leonardo DiCaprio hit a double whammy at the top as he was also the star of the highest new film, at 2, The Man in the Iron Mask.

21st March 2013

Sam Raimi's Oz prequel is still at the top of the UK box office with Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects holding firm in the runner up spot.

Oz The Great and Powerful is proving to be a huge hit for Disney at it hold the UK box office top spot for a second weekend on the trot. A weekend gross of £2.6 million has meant that after 10 days the film has taken £7.6 million in total.

Side Effects holds it's own at 2 leaving the highest new film, Welcome to the Punch, to land at 3. With only £460,250 for the weekend it's a weak opening for the highest new film. Doing even worse is the new Jim Carey film The Incredible Burt Wonderstone which land at with only just over £300,000.

This time last year The Devil Inside was the debut film at the top with just why of £2 million. John Carter was the film knocked from the top spot after bad reviews and a single week.

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Ten years ago Maid in Manhattan was still the top film, a weekend of £1.2 million took it's total gross to £4.6 million. Highest new film was The Life of David Gale which landed at 2 with £725,000.

Fifteen years ago it was still Titanic at the top, enough said, highest new film was As Good As It Gets at 3 with just why of a million pound.

13th March 2013

At the UK box office this week Sam Raimi has his latest film turn into a blockbuster for Disney with Oz The Great and Powerful debuting at number 1.

A weekend gross of £3.7 million is enough for Oz to knock last weeks top film, Hansel and Gretel right down to the 6th place, the Witch Hunter film suffering a massive drop in it's second weekend of release.

Oz, a prequel to the classic The Wizard of Oz, had a strong opening but did not manage one of the top opening of all time.

Last year Disney was celebrating with a top spot debut for John Carter, it was no where near as strong as Oz, and terrible reviews killed it quickly, but the opening weekend was just why of £2 million.

Five years ago the Dennis Quaid vehicle Vantage point was the top film, making it's debut there with £1.4 million.

Ten years ago Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes were doing the romantic thing at the top with Maid In Manhattan which took £2.5 million on it's debut.

Fifteen years ago it was still all about Titanic at the top, having made £44.5 million by now with the highest new film Oscar winning Good Will Hunting debuting at 2.

Twenty years ago Dracula was still the top film while Steven Segal was fighting terrorists on a boat in Under Siege.

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Maid In Manhattan

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Maid In Manhattan

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

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