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(1979 )

Ronald Neame
Natalie Wood
Karl Malden
Brian Keith
Martin Landau
Trevor Howard
Richard Dysart
Henry Fonda
Joseph Campanella
Bo Brundin
Katherine De Hetre
James G. Richardson
Roger Robinson
Michael Zaslow
John McKinney
John Findlater
Paul Tulley
Allen Williams
Bibi Besch
Gregory Gaye
Clyde Kusatsu
Burke Byrnes
Joseph G. Medalis
Charles Bartlett
Raymond OKeefe
Henry Olek
Peter Bourne
Stanley Mann
Ronald Neame
Philip Sterling
Arthur Adams
Fred Carney
Sybil Danning
Meschino Paterlini
Johnny Yune
Eileen Saki
Christine Anne Baur
Paul Camen
Dorothy Catching
Bill Couch
William Darr
Joan Foley
Paul L. Ehrmann
John Moio
Read Morgan
Conrad E. Palmisano
Tony Rocco
Jesse Wayne
Carole Hemingway
Clete Roberts
Stu Nahan
Osman Ragheb
Yung Henry Yu
Tsui Ling Yu
Ricker Slaven
James Bacon
Yani Begakis
Selma Archerd
Domingo Ambriz
Peter Donat
Simon Cadell
Frank Cotolo
Roy Edward Disney
George Golden
Wei Tu Lin
Tony Regan
John Spencer
Arthur Tovey

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6th June 2013

The top 5 on the UK box office this week was almost static with The Wolf Pack leading the way in their 3rd Hangover outing.

The Hangover Part III stayed at the top for a second weekend in a row this week with no competition from any new releases meaning the only movement in the top 5 was Star Trek into Darkness climbing 1 place and The Great Gatsby dropping a place.

Longest stay in the chart this week is The Croods which is now on an 11 week run and the highest grossing film is Iron Man 3 which has to date grossed £ 36,358,709 A year ago Ridley Scott brought his new Alien film to cinemas in the shape of Prometheus which debut at the top and was hence the highest new film knocking Men in Black 3 from the top.

Five years ago the first Sex and the City movie made it's debut at the top of the UK box office knocking the fourth instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise, The Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull from the top.

Ten years ago The Matrix Reloaded was still riding the wave of expectation at the top keeping Steve Martin at bay in the runner up spot in Bringing Down the House which debuted at 2.

Fifteen year ago meteor disaster movies were all the rage and Deep Impact was still at the top while horror film Wishmaster was the highest new film at 3.

Twenty years ago Indecent Proposal was proving to be the top grossing film of May.

Check out this weeks UK box office.

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