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Muriels Wedding

Muriels Wedding
Directed by
Toni Collette
Bill Hunter
Rachel Griffiths
Sophie Lee
Roz Hammond
Belinda Jarrett
Pippa Grandison
Jeanie Drynan
Dan Wyllie
Gabby Millgate
Gennie Nevinson
Matt Day
Chris Haywood
Daniel Lapaine
Susan Prior
Nathan Kaye
Cecily Polson
Rob Steele
Genevieve Picot
Richard Sutherland
Steve Smith
Katie Saunders
Dene Kermond
Jeamin Lee
Jon-Claire Lee
Kuni Hashimoto
Ken Senga
Des Rodgers
Rohan Jones
Scott Hall-Watson
Craig Olson
Justin Witham
Rodney Arnold
Barry Crocker
Steve Cox
Kevin Copeland
James Schramko
Richard Morecroft
Richard Carter
John Gaden
Heather Mitchell
Heidi Lapaine
Di Smith
Darrin Klimek
Penne Hackforth-Jones
Kirsty Hinchcliffe
Robert Alexander
Troy Hardy
Robyn Pitt Owen
Annie Byron
Jacqueline Linke
Alvaro Marques
Fiona Sullivan
Ineke Rapp
Julian Garner
Vincent Ball
John Hoare
Frankie Davidson
Louise Cullen
Basil Clarke
John Walton
Daniel Hepner
John Michael Howson
Fred Rouady

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Muriels Wedding

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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