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National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
Directed by
Jon Voight
Helen Mirren
Ed Harris
Harvey Keitel
Bruce Greenwood
Ty Burrell
Michael Maize
Timothy V. Murphy
Alicia Coppola
Armando Riesco
Albert Hall
Joel Gretsch
Christian Camargo
Brent Briscoe
Billy Unger
Michael Manuel
Brad Rowe
Peter Woodward
Oliver Muirhead
Larry Cedar
Troy Winbush
Billy Devlin
William R. Johnson
Richard Cutting
Alicia Leigh Willis
Rachel Cora Wood
Lisa Sheldon
Natalie Dreyfuss
Michael Stone Forrest
David E. Goodman
Susan Lynskey
Patricia DiZebba
Grant Thompson
Frank Herzog
Maryellen Aviano
Jon Abel
Eric Carlson
Randy Travis
Mary Firestone
Robert C. Koch
Emerson Brooks
Tim Talman
Stephen Hibbert
Jonathan Emmett
Emily Joyce
Glenn Beck
Judy Renihan
Susan Beresford
Demetri Goritsas
Charity Reindorp
C.C. Smiff
David Ury
Peter Miles
Ben Homewood
Michael McCafferty
Russ Widdall
Hans Georg Struhar
John Travis
Desiree Cooper
Matthew Dunn
Gino Picciano
Don Abernathy
Mike Altieri
Mike D. Anderson
Debbie Attwell
George Balulis
Nora Bauer
Blayne Bennett
Tatjana Bluchel
Ken Bulcroft
Terah Belle Burnett
Sharon Carpenter-Rose
Juan Eloy Carrera
Larry Carter
Natalie Christina
Jason Collins
Tim Colmus
Aaron Cornelison
Scot Cregan
Bruce Allen Dawson
Scali Delpeyrat
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz
Clive Elkington
Paul Fahrenkopf
Sommer Fehmel
Liam Ferguson
Pamela Fischer
Simone Bruyre Fraser
Savannah French
Ashley Fung
Kevin Fung
Guillaume Gallienne
Elan Garfias
Thomas M. Hagen
Lloyd Handley
Teresa Haney
Greg Hindsley
David Hinton
Chad Hundley
Forbes KB
Kirk Lambert
Todd A. Langenfeld
Mike Lazorcik
Kevin Leigh
Gina Limbrick
Jonathan Linsley
Chris Luensman
Gita M. McCarthy
Andrew McCune
Lauren Meley
Rana Morrison
Michael O'Connor
Manny Oliverez
Norman Outlaw
Natasha Parnian
Jose L. Penaranda
Aaron Zachary Philips
Christopher Phillips
John R. Price II
Brieann Rich
Nicholas Rich
Roger Sands
Adrian Schemm
Kenny Shapiro
Gary Sievers
Derek A. Smith
Mackenzie Brooke Smith
Al Sotto
Chris Spinelli
Patrick Michael Strange
Callie Thompson
Tom Townsend
Debbie Tsamoudakis
Towanda Underdue
Madison Victoria
Don Whatley
David Williams
Gayle Yiotis

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12th February 2013

Disney end the 4 week run of Les Miserables with their latest animation, the video game inspired Wreck-It Ralph which tops the box office during it's debut week.

Ralph debuted with a £4.5 million weekend beating all in it's path with nothing coming any where near. Les Miserables fell to second place with a £1.6 million weekend on it's 5th week of release.

A year ago Daniel Radcliffe was starring in his first film post Potter and debuted with The Woman in Black at the top with £3.1 million knocking Chronicle to 5th.

Five years ago National Treasure: Book of Secrets debuted at the top with £2.5 million knocking Cloverfield to 3rd.

Ten years ago Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grand and Sandra Bullock was the top film on it's debit with £2.6 million knocking Catch Me If You Can to second.

Fifteen years ago saw the only number one holder as Titanic spend another weekend as the top film with £4.2 million.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £8,609,558 and is the 694th top grossing film in the UK

The film has a US gross of $219,964,115 and is the 148th top US domestic film.

The film has a World gross of $453,961,501 and is the 225th top grossing film globally

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 5

Box Office History
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