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Directed by
Steve Shill
Beyonce Knowles
Jerry OConnell
Bonnie Perlman
Christine Lahti

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8th June 2009

It's been announced that after 22 years a sequel to the 1987 smash hit film Wall Street is to be made, is this good news, a sequel to a landmark film? It may be a case of dragging up the old and trying to breath new life into them like many of the atrocious remakes of '80's horror films that seems to be the fashion at the moment, but the good news here is that not only is Michael Douglas back as the money obsessed ruthless Gordon Gekko but Oliver Stone is back to write ad direct.

What will be interesting, and with Stone behind the script it's highly likely, will be the contrasts the new film will have with it's predecessor, the '80's was an age of richness and greed and when ruthless men on Wall Street didn't take lunch because they were too busy making money.

The naughties (2000 - 2009) have been an age when Wall Street in particular has been struck by tragedy that has changed peoples attitudes and the world is in the midst of a recession that in particular has his the financial industry, what a difference 20 years makes.

Douglas of course won the Oscar for his his lead in the original, if they can pull off a similar fate to that of The Color of Money for Paul Newman he may just do it again, lets just hope the title is not Wall Street 2!

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