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Operation Snafu

Operation Snafu

Directed by

Cyril Frankel


Alfred Lynch
Victor Maddern
Harry Locke
John Le Mesurier
Eric Barker
Viola Keats
Peter Sinclair
Edna Morris
Thomas Heathcote
Brian Weske
Jack Lambert
Cyril Smith
Cecil Parker
Simon Lack
Graham Stark
Jean Aubrey
Jack Smethurst
Patsy Rowlands
Eleanor Summerfield
Miriam Karlin
Priscilla Morgan
Richard Hart
Bill Owen
Ian Whittaker
Harold Goodwin
Stuart Saunders
Monte Landis
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Barbara Windsor
Toni Palmer
Alan King
Terence Longdon
Kenneth J. Warren
Neil Hallett
Stanley Holloway
Kathleen Harrison
Ann Beach
Beatrix Lehmann
Gary Cockrell
Michael Sarne
Timothy Bateson
Michael Brennan
Norman Coburn
Maxwell Craig
Ian Cullen
Gracie Fields
Liz Fraser
Victor Harrington
Walter Henry
Roy Lansford
Hugh Lloyd
Philip Madoc
Arthur Mullard
Lance Percival
Ernie Rice
Anton Rodgers
Terry Scully
William Simons
Roy Stewart
Marianne Stone
Fred Wood

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