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Penguins Of Madagascar

Penguins Of Madagascar
Directed by
Simon J. Smith
Tom McGrath
Chris Miller
Christopher Knights
Conrad Vernon
Annet Mahendru
Peter Stormare
Andy Richter
Danny Jacobs
Sean Charmatz
Werner Herzog
Stephen Kearin
Kelly Cooney
Susan Fitzer
Chris Sanders
Emily Nordwind
Mike Mitchell
Hope Levy
Walt Dohrn
Jim Pirri
Elizabeth Pan
Jeff Fischer
Stephen Apostolina
Al Rodrigo
Steve Alterman
Carter Hastings
Ava Acres
Cullen McCarthy
Nicholas Guest
Adriano Aragon
Lynnanne Zager
Billy Eichner
Angie Wu
Sean Lew

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11th December 2015

A third week at the top for The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 2 in the wake of little in the way of new releases in the UK.

The box office is on hold at the moment waiting for one of the biggest releases of the year which left room for Mockingly to make £2.2 million.

This brings the total UK gross for the last of The Hunger Games films to £23.3 million after 3 weeks of release.

Highest new film of the week is Christmas with the Coopers, an all American movie about family meeting up for the holiday season.

A very low debut gross of nearly £700,000 puts the film at number 5, little chance of this film having longevity at the box office though.

Highest total grossing film on the box office is Spectre which has to date grossed over £90 million and this week is at number 3.

Historical charts

A year ago
Padding retained its position at the top of the box office while the top new film was Penguins of Madagascar at 3.

Five years ago
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 stayed put at the top with Megamind the highest new film at 2.

Ten years ago
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was still the top film, a quiet week saw the highest new film at number 4 with Keeping Mum.

Fifteen years ago
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (look out for the remake in the coming years) was the top new film debuting at number 1, it knocked off Charlies Angels which fell to 2.

Twenty years ago
Goldeneye was riding the top of the box office while Murder in the First was the highest new film coming in at 2.

Twenty five years ago
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was still at the top with Repossessed the highest new film at number 2.

7th April 2015

Christopher Nolan took a risk with his 3 hour space epic Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey, but the gamble paid off and this week it hits the video top spot.

Released at cinemas on 7th November 2015 the film took £5.3 million on it's opening weekend debuting at the top of the box office in the process.

A 7 week chart run on the UK box office ended on 19th December and during that time it grossed £20.06 million making it the 178th highest grossing film ever in the UK.

The film also did well across the world, in the US it took $188 million while it's world gross stands at $665 making it the 75th highest grossing film ever.

Last weeks top film, Paddington falls just a single place to number 2 this week, despite some cinemas still showing the film!

Other new film on the Uk video chart this week are: Penguins of Madagascar at 3 and Horrible Bosses 2 at 6.

9th December 2014

At the US box office this week The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is still reigning at the top of box office charts after a very poor weekend.

This is now the third weekend the Mockingjay has spent at the top and despite a 61% drop in takings from the previous weekend not has a US total gross of $258 million.

Holding firm at two and three is Penguins of Madagascar and Horrible Bosses 2 taking $25 and $15 million respectively.

Highest new film of the week, and with the next Hobbit film out this week there was little to choose from, is The Pyramid at 9 with a weekend gross of $1.3 million.

Longest stay on the box office is Gone Girl which has now been on release for 10 weeks.

1st December 2014

There was no stopping the might of The Hunger Games over the Thanksgiving weekend with no new release coming close to the second weekend of release for the film.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 took $56 million from Friday to Monday which brings it's US total to nearly $22 million.

Highest new film of the week is Dreamworks Madagascar spinoff Penguins of Madagascar which takes $25.8 million.

Horrible Bosses 2 is also new, entering at 5 with $15.7 million.

Movie details
UK total gross
UK top grossing film
Penguins Of Madagascar

US total gross
Penguins Of Madagascar

Global total gross
Penguins Of Madagascar

UK BBFC Certificate: U

Popular in: France and United Kingdom

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 7

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