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Petes Dragon A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over, although it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child.

U films should be set within a positive framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threat or horror. If a work is particularly suitable for pre-school children, this will be indicated in the ratings info.


128 minutes (2 hours 08 minutes)
14th April
Petes Dragon

Directed by

Don Chaffey


Helen Reddy
Jim Dale
Dr. Terminus
Red Buttons
Shelley Winters
Lena Gogan
Sean Marshall
Jane Kean
Miss Taylor
Jim Backus
The Mayor
Charles Tyner
Gary Morgan
Jeff Conaway
Cal Bartlett
Charlie Callas
Walter Barnes
Al Checco
Fisherman #1
Henry Slate
Fisherman #2
Jack Collins
Fisherman #3
Robert Easton
Store Proprietor
Roger Price
Man with Visor
Robert Foulk
Old Sea Captain
Ben Wrigley
Egg Man
Joe Ross
Cement Man
Arline Bletcher
Rocky Bonifield
Townspeople / Dancer
Patrick Dennis-Leigh
Elderly Townsman
Kim Diamond
Dancer / Townsperson
Debra Dilley
Towns Girl
Debbie Fresh
Child / Dancer / Singer
Rusty Gilligan
Child / Dancer / Singer
George Golden
White-haired Councilman
James MacDonald
Elliott's Roars In Net Scene
Julie Phillips
Little Kid
Ken Renard
African-American Townsman
Dinah Anne Rogers
Dee Giffin Scott
Towns Girl
Johnny Silver
Small Townsman
Dennis Stewart
Arthur Tovey

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Petes Dragon

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Petes Dragon

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UK BBFC Certificate: U
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13th December 2016

All the summer blockbusters are hitting home video at the moment and this week its the turn of the bad guy superhero film Suicide Squad which knocks off Finding Dory.

Suicide Squad hit UK cinemas on 5th August 2016, it made its debut at the top and stayed there for 2 weeks, it took an excellent £11.2 million on its debut the 55th highest ever in the UK.

The film has a good 6 week run at the box office where its final UK gross was £33 million making it the 83rd highest grossing film ever.

It also did well globally, in America it took $325 million and globally it took $745.6 million making it the 74th highest grossing film ever.

Finding Dory, after a single week at the top falls to number 2 this week.

Also new on the home video chart are: Absolutely Fabulous The Movie at number 3, a number 2 box office hit from July 2016, Petes Dragon at 8, it hit number 6 on he box office in August and The Shallows at number 19, a low budget film that hit number 8 in August.

5th September 2016

The very last weekend of the summer season and there is very little movement with the scare fest of Dont Breathe remaining in pole position.

Figures are low this weekend and Dont Breathe manages to remain at the top with $15.7 million which brings its total US gross to a nice but unremarkable $51.1 million.

Little else is happening this week and the highest new film limps in at number 6, The Light Between Oceans takes just shy of $5 million on its debut.

This basically means there are lots of films yo-yoing up and down the chart with Suicide Squad remaining at number 2 and Petes Dragon going back up to number 3.

Suicide Squad is the top total grossing movie this week with $297.4 and Bad Moms and Jason Bourne share the honour of longest running with 6 weeks each.

Next week sees the kick off of the Autumn season with some exciting new film coming in the next 4 months.

19th August 2016

Despite there being 7 new releases hitting the top 15 films this week the top five films in the UK remain unchanged from last week with Suicide Squad remaining at the top.

On its second weekend of release the DC comics anti-hero picture took £4.2 million, down just over 66% from the previous weekend.

The film has now taken £22 million during its 10 days of release and is not that far behind stable mate Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

With the rest of the top 4 remaining fairly static the highest new film of the week is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates starring Zak Efron and Anna Kendrick.

The comedy film took just over a million pound on its debut weekend in the UK, but the suspicion is it will fall fast in the coming weeks ready for a home video release.

Big suprise of the week is the Disney remake of Petes Dragon landing at number 6 with £844,090, one of the Mouse Houses smallest hits in a while.

Other new films this week are Newrve at number 7, The Shallows at number 8, Mohenjo Daro at number 11, Rustom at number 12 and finally Wiener Dog at number 14.

Longest running film this week and highest total gross is The Secret Life of Pets, 8 weeks on the chart and £33 million.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Pixels made its debut at the top of the box office smashing Fantastic Four down to number 6 after a single week at the top.

Five years ago
Rise of The Planet of The Apes took over the top spot on its debut knocking off Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 which fell to number 3.

Ten years ago
Cars remained at the top of the box office for a third week while highest new entry was Monster House right down at number 4.

Fifteen years ago
Cats and Dogs remained at the top of the box office for another week with The Parole Officer entering highest at number 5.

Twenty years ago
Independence Day was the top new film of the week making its debut at the top with Twister falling to number 2 on its third week of release.

16th August 2016

On the US box office charts this week the bad guys of Suicide Squad managed to stay at the top despite competition from Disneys Petes Dragon and Sausage Party.

Proving to be a success for the DC Cinema Universe (and Warner Bros.) the super anti-hero film takes $43.7 million on its second weekend of release, down nearly 75% from its debut.

The film has now taken $222 million in 10 days and is on course to be one of the bigger film of the year.

Entering the chart highest, and in second place, is the Seth Rogans voiced Sausage Party, an adult animation which also starts the voices of Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill.

With a debut of $34 million its not quite Disney but for an R rated cartoon its a very good debut.

Talking of Disney they unleashed their 2016 remake/retelling of Petes Dragon this week and it perhaps hasn't quite done the numbers expected.

Landing at number 3 the film takes $21 million, considering the talent involved and the advertising a higher debut would have been expected.

Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Street is also new at 8.

15th June 2016

Petes Dragon remake gets a great new trailer.