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Robin Hood

Robin Hood
Directed by
Max von Sydow
William Hurt
Oscar Isaac
Danny Huston
Eileen Atkins
Mark Addy
Matthew Macfadyen
Kevin Durand
Scott Grimes
Alan Doyle
Douglas Hodge
Léa Seydoux
Jonathan Zaccaï
Robert Pugh
Gerard McSorley
Velibor Topic
Ciaran Flynn
Simon McBurney
Denise Gough
John Nicholas
Thomas Arnold
Pip Carter
Mark Lewis Jones
Bronson Webb
Denis Ménochet
Jamie Beamish
John Atterbury
Luke Evans
Roy Holder
Mark Ryder
Ruby Bentall
Ned Dennehy
Nicolas Simon
Lisa Millett
Stuart Martin
Jessica Raine
Steve Evets
Eric Rulliat
Abraham Belaga
Jack Downham
Richard Riddell
David Bertrand
Arthur Darvill
Giannina Facio
Hannah Barrie
Lee Battle
Nicky Bell
Andrea Ware
John O'Toole
Ralph Ineson
Zuriel De Peslouan
Jake Curran
Samuel Dupuy
Nick Lucas
Alan Charlesworth
Lothaire Gerard
Mat Laroche
Chris Jared
Joseph Hamilton
James Hamilton
Danny Clarke
Tom Blyth
Stephen Armourae
Barry Ashton
Lasco Atkins
Jason Beeston
Vic Blickem
Douglas Bunn
Jack Butler
Andy Callaghan
Jamie Clark
Jason Collins
Samara Couri
Alex Coury
Nicholas Crum
James Currie
Tim Daish
Ray Donn
Alison Faith
James Fiddy
Neil Findlater
Nina Aimer Fox
Robert J. Fraser
Joe Golby
Kas Graham
Lloyd Handley
Jane Hardcastle
Warren Harrington
Lee Nicholas Harris
Peter Holyoake
Russell Honeywell
Steven Hopwood
Kerry Ingram
Jimi James
Michael Koltes
Lucy La Vey
Jean-Christophe Leger
Phil Lowes
Teresa Mahoney
Jo Marriott
Adam Martin
Adam Martin
João Costa Menezes
Robert Harrison ONeil
Sarah Jane O'Neill
Michael St Omer
Marcus Payne
James Payton
Fleur Poad
Robert Roman Ratajczak
Steve Saunders
Kirsty Seager
Geoff Searle
Jesse James Sims
Jack Steele
Simon Steggall
Paul Stockman
Ryan Stuart
David Terry
Matt Tyzack
Umit Ulgen
Martin Walker
Harvey Walsh
Christian Wolf-LaMoy

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27th November 2018

There are 7 new reelases on the chart this week with Robin Hood the highest but the top 3 stay the same headed by Fantastic Beasts 2.

Robin Hood">

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Doing well in the UK the Fantastic Beasts sequel remains at the top of the UK box office with a weekend take of £5.6 million.

The film isn't doing so well in the US but the figures are looking better elsewhere, in the UK the films total gross is now £22 million after 10 days of release.

The Grinch

This hanging onto to the runner spot the Dr Seuss film takes £3.2 million on its third weekend for a total gross of £14 million.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Still riding high at 3 after 5 weeks is the Freddy Mercury/Queen bio-pic which takes an excellent £2.2 million on its fifth week of release.

The film has now taken £39 million as is the eighth top film of 2018 but should break the top 5 by next weekend.

Robin Hood

Highest new entry of the week comes in at 4 with this Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx starring re-telling of the classic bows and arrows film.

The film takes a relatively disappointing £1.3 million making one of the lowest debuting Robin Hood films.

Nativity Rocks!

Closing out the top 5 is a film which is the fourth entry in the long running Nativity! series directed by Debbie Isitt.

This entry takes £0.8 million over the weekend which is higher than the first entry but half that of the other 2.

The Girl In The Spider's Web

Opening outside the top 5 is the highly anticipated film starring Claire Foy which is at 6 taking £557,403.

26th November 2018

Disney release their big holiday animation Ralph Breaks The Internet over the American Thanksgiving weekend and along with Creed II also making its debut and strong holdovers it makes for a record weekly take with the top 10 grossing over $200 million.

Creed II

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

The latest Disney movie had plenty of hype and hence opens at the top of the US box office with a $55 million 3 day weekend and an $85 million 5 day weekend which includes the Wednesday and Thursday of Thanksgiving

This means that the new Ralph film is running $15 million ahead of its 2012 predecessor over the same period and should end up grossing far more in the long run.

Creed II

The follow up to Creed from 2015 and spiritual follow up to Rocky IV from 1986 the Micheal B. Jordan starring movie opens at number 2 with a $35 million opening 3 days and a $55 million 5 day Thanksgiving.

This is far higher than the original movies opening by $14 million.

The Grinch

The Grinch drops to number 3 this week after 3 weeks of release with a $30 million weekend gross, the film now has a total US gross of $180.5 million.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

After opening big last weekend the new Fantastic Beasts film runs into trouble this week and falls hard to number 4 with a weekend gross of just $29.6 million which brings the films 10 gross to a relatively poor $117 million.

Bohemian Rhapsody

One film which has done better than expected and this week sits at number 5 is the Queen bio-pic which this week takes $13 million for a $152 million total US gross.

Robin Hood

One film that has not done too well on its debut weekend is the new Robin Hood movie starring Taron Egerton which limps onto the box office chart at number 7 with a poor $9.1 million gross.

24th September 2018

There have been many cinematic tellings of the Robin Hood story and this we we get another one courtesy of director Otto Bathurst.

<span class='highlight-purple'><i>Robin Hood</i></span>

Starring Jamie Dornan and Taron Egerton this new adaptation has been given a 12A rating in the UK for moderate violence, threat.

The film is release on 21st November and has a running time of 116 minutes.

21st May 2015

Highly anticipated sequel Pitch Perfect 2 makes it's debut at the top of the box office chart this week despite some strong competition from the Mad Max remake.

Pitch Perfect 2 took a very reasonable £5 million over the weekend which is only a million shy of the entire box office run of the previous film.

Rolling in half a million behind is Mad Max Fury Road, the sequel/remake of the Mel Gibson films received excellent reviews from the critics and was expected to get to the top but the aca-girls were simply too much.

Falling into third this week after a trio of weeks at the top is Avengers Age of Ultron, the Avengers sequel has taken an incredible £43.2 million to date and is the top film of the year so far.

Bombay Velvet at number 14 is the only other new film on the top 15 this week.

Historical charts

A year ago
Godzilla made it's debut a the top of the box office knocking Zakc Efron in Bad Neighbours from the top.

Five years ago
Robin Hood made its debut at number 1 on the chart giving Iron Man 2 a slight nudge down to number 2.

Ten years ago
Kingdom of Heaven kept its position at the top of the box office for another week while the highest new film of the week was Monster In Law at number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Gladiator was the highest new film hot off the Oscar glory it got that year, it knocked Kevin and Perry Go Large down to number 2.

Twenty years ago
Circle of Friends made its debut at the top of the box office while Outbreak slipped down to number 2.

8th June 2009

It's like it was 1991 again and there is a new Robin Hood film in production, this time it wont star an American with a fake British accent, it'll star an Australian with a fake British accent.

That Aussie will be Russell Crowe, and today USA Today has the first image of the man in his "Hood" gear, check out the image below.

The BBC currently has a TV series of Robin Hood running on Saturday night, it's now in it's 3rd series, I;m not a fan of the show but this could be what has ignited the reason for this film. Now don't get me wrong the film is being directed by Ridley Scott who is one of the best British directors alive and I usually love his movies, but the image of Robin Hood in the BBC promos is how I imagine Robin Hood to be.

The publicity still of Robin Hood looks more like someone caught Russell Crowe out on a Sunday afternoon taking the dog for a walk and he thought he would take a bow and arrow in case he saw some deer to shoot.

I'm not quite sure what different angle this film can have on the legend but I can tell you that I was more excited about Kevin Costner's Prince of Thieves back in 1991 than I am this.

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