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Solo: A Star Wars Story 


Solo: A Star Wars Story
Directed by
Alden Ehrenreich
Joonas Suotamo
Emilia Clarke
Donald Glover
Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Jon Favreau
Erin Kellyman
Linda Hunt
Ian Kenny
John Tui
Anna Francolini
Andrew Woodall
Warwick Davis
Shaquille Ali-Yebuah
Eben Figueiredo
Aaron Heffernan
Hal Fowler
Damian Farrell
Charlotte Louise
Sema-Tawi Smart
Clint Howard
Dee Tails
Attila Vajda
Anthony Daniels
Kiran Shah
Fraser Kelly
Lily Newmark
Jason Wong
Alice Hewkin
Samantha Colley
Robert Morgan
Miles Richardson
Sammy Hayman
Rona Morison
Dempsey Bovell
Joseph Charles
Dave Chapman
Katy Kartwheel
Harley Durst
Andrew Jack
Sam Witwer
Ray Park
Omar Alboukharey
Deepak Anand
Izzy Bayley-King
Paul Davis
Marc Esse
James Filanowski
Sean Gislingham
Sean James
Jackson Kai
Tyrone Kearns
Slim Khezri
Kamil Lemieszewski
Nathaniel Lonsdale
Tyrone Love
Feizal Mowlabocus
Daniel Prewitt
Ross Sambridge
Clem So
Fran Targ
Charlie Todd
Matt Tyler
Jo Wheatley
Ray Whelan

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3rd July 2018

Despite not doing well this is a great film and more Star Wars than The Last Jedi.

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15th May 2018

Released on 25th May Solo A Star Wars Story has been granted a 12A certificate in the UK by the BBFC.

12AGiven for moderate violence the film is the story of a young Han Solo from the Star Wars saga showing how he met Chewbacca and got the Millennium Falcon.

This is the second film from the long running series set outside the main saga and early word on the film is good after a very troubled production.

9th April 2018

Only a month to go now until the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story and today we get a full length trailer.

Its time to get excited because suddenly this film looks good, and as well as a Solo story it looks like its a Chewie story and a Millennium Falcon story.

The film will be shown at Cannes this year then to the world on May 25th, watch the trailer below.

5th February 2018

In a flood of Solo: A Star Wars Story goodies released today, along with the trailer are these 4 new character posters.

Featuring Solo, Chewie, Lando and new character Qi'ra they have an excellent Star Wars 70's look to them that fit the original trilogy look and feel.

The trailer has us wondering but these posters are getting us excited for the new film, check them out below and let us know what you think.

5th February 2018

We've waited so long for this and finally its here, Disney have released the full trailer to Solo: A Star Wars Story due out late May.

Its 1 minute and 43 seconds long and we get our first taste of Alden Ehrenreich as the infamous smuggler - and we get a good sense that the film will go into the characters back story.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

5th February 2018

Its been a heck of a long time coming but finally we get our first glimpse of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

There is so little in the trailer its impossible to get ay idea what the film is about, but at elast we have some footage now.

Come back tomorrow, 5th February, when the first full trailer is unveiled.

Movie details
Total UK gross £19,433,465 and the 259th top grossing film in the UK

Total World gross $392,949,158 and the 270th top grossing film globally

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

Genres:Popular in: United States and France
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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 6

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