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The Dish 


The Dish
Directed by
Rob Sitch
Billy Mitchell
Roz Hammond
Christopher-Robin Street
Luke Keltie
Naomi Wright
Ben Wright-Smith
Beverley Dunn
Grant Thompson
Bille Brown
Bernard Curry
Kevin Harrington
Tom Long
Patrick Warburton
Roy Billing
Andrew S. Gilbert
Matthew Moore
Kerry Walker
Denise Roberts
Jeff Keogh
Jason Ritterman
Alexander Zent
Rowan Macartney
Aidan Macartney
Jarrod Factor
Oliver McGill
Genevieve Mooy
Marilyn O'Donnell
Jane Menelaus
Lenka Kripac
John Flaus
Carl Snell
Eliza Szonert
Tayler Kane
Neil Pigot
Darren Davidson
Simon Donaldson
John McMartin
Frank Bennett
Randall Berger
Charles Bud Tingwell
Mal Walden
Rod McNeil
Alister Paterson
Colette Mann
Susan Ward
Roger Crisp
Buzz Aldrin
Neil Armstrong
Michael Collins
John Glenn
Nicholas Bell
Walter Cronkite
Hubert H. Humphrey
John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
Sir Eric Pearce

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20th May 2016

It was a close run thing this week between Captain America: Civil War and The Angry Birds Movie making its debut but in the end the Marvel film won.

Civil War now makes it three weeks at the top and this week adds £2.7 million to its gross which has now soared to £32.1 million.

The film is now the 5th highest grossing of the year and before it finishes its run it should beat Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and Deadpool, currently at 4 and 3 respectively.

The Angry Birds Movie is the highest new film at number 2 which on its debut takes £2.1 million.

Aiming squarely at kids but also appealing to adults that hooked on the game the film loosely follows the plot of the games.

The film should do well over the coming half term but will have limited appeal after that.

Longest stay by a film on the box office this week is Zootopia with 8 weeks and the highest grossing movie is The Jungle Book at £39.3 million after 5 weeks.

Historical charts

A year ago
This time last year Pitch Perfect made its debut at the top pushing Avengers Age of Ultron donw to number 3.

Five years ago
Thor remained at the top of the chart leaving Attack The Block as the highest new film to enter at number 3.

Ten years ago
Mission:Impossible III stayed at the top for a second week while Prime made a new enter at number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Bridget Jones's Diary spent yet another week at the top of the chart while The Dish was the highest new film at number five.

Twenty years ago
Steven Segal starred in Executive Decision which entered the box office at the top knocking Toy Story to number 3

Twenty five years ago
Oscar winning Misery was the top new film entering at the top, it knocked Predator 2 down to number 2.

Movie details
Total UK gross £1,573,131 and the 2445th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 6

Box Office History