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The Hole

The Hole
Directed by
Joe Dante
Haley Bennett
Teri Polo
Chris Massoglia
Bruce Dern
Nathan Gamble
Quinn Lord

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Thu, 28th February 2019

The Hole in the Ground | Movie review  The Upcoming

Off the top of your head, what Irish horrors can you recall? Any at all? The industry is not renowned for its jump scaring, blood curdling slashers despite past ...

Mon, 25th February 2019

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Picture a hole in the ground. Got an image in your mind? That's not big enough. The hole in the ground in The Hole In The Ground, an Irish horror film that ...

Tue, 26th February 2019

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Slow-boil Irish horror and a biopic for the master of rough-trade sex photography.

Fri, 1st March 2019

'The Hole in the Ground' director Lee Cronin says his film is about more than just a creepy kid  The National

If deftly constructed psychological horror is your thing, then The Hole in the Ground, a low-budget, high-tension, Sundance Festival hit could be the movie for you ...

Mon, 18th March 2019

Hole in the Ground ending - Delving into the mysteries of The Hole in the Ground and its ending  DigitalSpy.com

New horror movie The Hole in the Ground's mysteries and ending explained with help from writer/director Lee Cronin.

Sat, 2nd March 2019

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 4

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