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26th April
The Look Of Love

Directed by

Michael Winterbottom


Tamsin Egerton
Imogen Poots
Jennifer Ellis
Nick Hopper
Paul Popplewell
Jim Clubb
Sarah Lou
Emma Williamson
Raymond Waring
Kieran O'Brien
Frankie Thomson
Jennifer Gardiner
Betsy Rose
Katie Swatton
Tabitha Taboo
Gemma Nicholas
Jade Phipps
Crystal Van Lloy
Amander Jayne Sailsbury
Kitty Bang Bang
Gwendland Mazullo
Louise Baker
Abigail O'Neill
Audrey Kaipio
Sarah Solemani
Miles Jupp
Rose Ames Blackaby
Harrison Glossop
Richard Kimmel
Tara Griffin
Steve Lester
James Lance
Grainne Keenan
Jeff Longland
Annabel Norbury
George Paisley Day
Samantha Beagley
Kent Olesen
Sarine Sofair
Jamie Buller
Zoe Cunningham
Chris Addison
James Payton
Janet Dawe
Mark Williams
Peter Wight
Hannah Lederer
Martha Grace
James Pearson
Sam Burgess
Alexander Garnett
Pedro Segundo
Katie K.
Matt Wheeler
Andrew Emery
Paul Willetts
Tim Wilcox
Tilly Vosburgh
Liam Boyle
Chris Lee
Chloë Arrowsmith
Kristy Dillon
Matthew Beard
Ben Brown
Vera Graziadei
Karen Cogan
Dara OBriain
David Fynn
Tom Stuart
Russell Chadwick
James Tilbury
Lee Nicholas Harris
Clive Aitkins
Patrick Alexander
Caroline Amer
Jozef Aoki
Shireen Ashton
Lasco Atkins
Eddie Bagayawa
Richard Baker
Nigel Barker
Chris Barley
Greg Bennett
Emily Berrington
Millicent Binks
Carina Birrell
Hannah Blamires
David A. Burt
Daniel Cannon
Francesca Cherruault
Robyn Cooper
Chris Cowlin
Sam Cox
Grant Crookes
Zara Day
Catherine Delaloye
Katie Derry
Peter Dewhirst
Sian Doughty
John Duggan
Mark Tristan Eccles
James a FitzGerald
Eaoifa Forward
Jensen Freeman
Phillip Gormley
Charlie Gray
Shonn Gregory
Ignacio Guirado
Emma Haylan Hall
Darren Hammock
Daniel Harland
Jody Lee Harris
Tony Harrison
Matthew David Hearn
Ben Henderson
Richard Herdman
Melissa Hollett
Paul Hughes
Bill Hurst
Laura Hydari
Frans Isotalo
Craig Izzard
Celine Jedidi
Lucinda Jubb
Junichi Kajioka
Bette Annette Kellow
Ethan J. Knight
Chonradee Kulthap
Clare Langford
Chris Luca
Shaun Lucas
Tom Baines Maher
Paul Matthews
Stuart Matthews
Martyn Mayger
Matthew David McCarthy
Tommy McGuinness
Dale Mercer
Alex Moore
Jon L. Morris
Benjayx Murphy
Tommi Murshed-Parish
Shay ODriscoll
Jeremy Oliver
Mike Parish
Freya Parsons
Amaranthe Partridge
Simon Porter
Adam Prickett
Richard Pugh
Lizzie Rees
Martin Ross
Dirk Schilling
Santi Scinelli
James Thomas Scott
Faye Sewell
Graham Showell
Lesley Sim
Amanda Smith
June Smith
Charlotte Snowball
Peter Stefaniak
Scott Stevenson
Victoria Sviggum
Tom Swacha
Camilla Talarowska
Tina Tancakova
Annie Tanton
Mitchell Thornton
Darren Tough
Michael Vardian
Len Visser
Fabio Vollono
Julie Vollono
Jon Wennington
Tom Whelehan
Anna-Maria Wiktorsson
Emma Wilde
Nick Wilkinson

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The Look Of Love

UK BBFC Certificate: 18

Popular in: United Kingdom and Japan

UK Box Office Release Breakdown
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Highest chart position: 7

Weeks on box office: 2

UK Box Office Chart History
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7 June 2013
14 June 2013
21 June 2013
28 June 2013
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