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The Silence Of The Lambs

The Silence Of The Lambs
Directed by
Jodie Foster
Scott Glenn
Lawrence A. Bonney
Kasi Lemmons
Lawrence T. Wrentz
Anthony Heald
Frankie Faison
Don Brockett
Frank Seals Jr.
Stuart Rudin
Maria Skorobogatov
Jeffrie Lane
Leib Lensky
George Red Schwartz
Jim Roche
Ted Levine
James B. Howard
Bill Miller
Chuck Aber
Gene Borkan
Pat McNamara
Tracey Walter
Kenneth Utt
Dan Butler
Paul Lazar
Adelle Lutz
Obba Babatund
George Michael
Diane Baker
Roger Corman
Ron Vawter
Charles Napier
Jim Dratfield
D. Stanton Miranda
Rebecca Saxon
Danny Darst
Cynthia Ettinger
Brent Hinkley
Steve Wyatt
Alex Coleman
David Early
Andre B. Blake
Bill Dalzell
Chris Isaak
Daniel von Bargen
Tommy Lafitte
Josh Broder
Buzz Kilman
Harry Northup
Lauren Roselli
Lamont Arnold
John Hall
John W. Iwanonkiw
Lynette Jenkins
Chris McGinn
Jason Menz
Ted Monte
George A. Romero
Edward Saxon
Mike Schaeffer
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  1. ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ Author Thomas Harris Breaks Long Silence: ‘Nothing’s Made Up’  TheWrap
  2. In first novel for 13 years Silence of the Lambs creator Thomas Harris has come up with a brilliant new heroine  Belfast Telegraph
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Sat, 18th May 2019

Hannibal Lecter author Thomas Harris: 'I don’t think I’ve ever made up anything'  The Independent

Thomas Harris, the creator of one of literature's most terrifying monsters, arguably has one of the darkest imaginations of any writer working today. His infamous ...

Sun, 26th May 2019

Funko Pop! reveals flesh-eating 'Silence of the Lambs' toys  Alternative Press

Funko Pops! are some of our favorite toys, and now we'll get two new figures from one of our all-time favorite horror movies — The Silence of the Lambs.

Mon, 6th May 2019

Readers have waited 13 years for a new Thomas Harris novel. But ‘Cari Mora’ is no ‘Hannibal.’  The Washington Post

Gourmand serial killer Hannibal Lecter may be off the menu, but now his creator, Thomas Harris, has added a new dish of terror. “Cari Mora” is Harris's first novel ...

Mon, 20th May 2019

'Silence of the Lambs' author Thomas Harris returns with new serial killer in 'Cari Mora'  USA TODAY

The creator of Hannibal Lecter has written a fiendish new serial killer who preys on women and harvests their organs in twisted thriller "Cari Mora."

Mon, 20th May 2019

Can Thomas Harris Escape the Shadow of Hannibal Lecter?  Slate

Four decades ago, Thomas Harris invented the serial killer thriller and—fittingly, perhaps—trapped himself in a dungeon of his own design. Serial killers had ...

Fri, 17th May 2019

28th June 2016

The UK box office this weeks has a new number one film in the shape of The Secret Life of Pets. the latests film from the makers of Despicable Me and Minions.

An excellent weekend gross of £9.5 million sees the film enter ahead of the weeks other big film Independence Day Resurgence.

Despite having the connection to the Despicable Me franchise The Secret Life of Pets for a new franchise makes an very good debut, in comparison it is far higher that the first Despicable Me but lower than the franchises other films.

With the summer holidays in the coming weeks this could have staying power, and there is little competition until mid July.

Also new this week is Independence Day Resurgence which makes its debut at number 2 with just over £5 million, its been 20 years but the original debuted to £16 million.

Last weeks top film, The Conjuring 2 The Enfield Case, falls to number 3 with a total gross of £7.7 million after a £1.5 million second weekend.

The Jungle Book is once again the top total grossing film on the box office with £45.6 million and the longest run on the box office with 11 weeks.

Historical charts

A year ago
Minions made its debut at the top knocking Jurassic World to the runner up spot.

Five years ago
Paul Feig's Bridesmaids was the new film making its debut at the top while Kung Fu Panda 2 fell to number 2.

Ten years ago
The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift stayed at the top of the box office and The Lake House was the top new film at number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Evolution was the top new film at number 1, it knocked Pearl Harbour down to number 2.

Twenty years ago
New at the top was The Rock with Spy Hard being knocked off the top right down to number 4.

Twenty five years ago
The Silence of The Lambs stayed at the top of the box office while The Pope Must Die came in new at number 2.

22nd June 2016

This week scare fest The Conjuring 2 The Enfield Case debuts on the box office in the top spot.

A weekend take of £4.3 million easily has the film taking over at the top with no film coming anywhere near in terms of weekend take.

In comparison the first of the series took half this on its opening with £2.1 million although that film had an August debut and didn't have the British themed story.

Last weeks top film Me Before You falls to number 3 this week, a weekend take of £979,126 gives it a total gross of £6.9 million.

The Jungle Book this week is the top total grossing movie with £45.4 million and the longest stay with 10 weeks.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Jurassic World made it 2 weeks at the top while the top new film was Take That Live broadcast from the O2 arena in London.

Five years ago
The Green Lantern made its debut at the top of the list knocking Kung Fu Panda 2 down to number 2.

Ten years ago
The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift was the top new film at the top, it knocked X-Men The Last Stand down to number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Pearl Harbour continued its reign at the top of the box office for a third week while the top new film was right down at number 6, Dracula 2000.

Twenty years ago
Spy Hard was the top new film of the week knocking Fargo down to number 4.

Twenty five years ago
The Silence of The Lambs remained at the top for another week with A Kiss Before Dying new at number 2.

14th June 2016

Its still unusual that a film will climb to the top of the box office, but this week with many people otherwise occupied with the start of the Euro 2016 championships Me Before You climbs to the top.

Last week the film entered at number 3 but this week manages to top the chart, and is the only film this week to take over £1 million in weekend grosses.

The film not has a total UK gross of £4.4 million and with the Euro's with us for the next 3 weeks who knows what could happen?

With a lot of studio's not willing to release new film at the moment the rest of the chart reads very similar to last week, the highest new film is the Melissa McCarthy vehicle at number 7 which manages just below £600,000 for the weekend.

Highest total grossing movie is The Jungle book which has taken £45.1 million after 10 weeks and longest run on the chart is 11 weeks for Zootopia.

Worthy or not this week is that this week's cinema had the lowest total take of 2016 and the lowest since September last year.

Historical charts

A year ago
Jurassic world made its debut at the top of the box office knocking Spy down to number 2.

Five years ago
Kung Fu Panda 2 swung into the top giving The Hangover Part 2 the shove down to 2nd place.

Ten years ago
The Omen remake made its debut at the top of the box office knocking X-Men The Last Stand down to 2.

Fifteen years ago
Pearl Harbour stayed at the top for a second weekend leaving highest new entry Get Over It to land at number 3.

Twenty years ago
The mighty Toy Story was unmovable at the top while Now and Then entered highest at number 2.

Twenty Five years ago
The Silence of The Lambs went on limited release for the weekend but still managed to make its debut at the top leaving Problem Child to fall to number 5.

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The Silence Of The Lambs

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The Silence Of The Lambs

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The Silence Of The Lambs

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