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The Words


Directed by

Brian Klugman
Lee Sternthal


John Hannah
Jeremy Irons
Vito DeFilippo
Michael McKean
Lucinda Davis
J.K. Simmons
Olivia Wilde
James Babson
Kevin Desfosses
Ron Rifkin
Brian Klugman
Liz Stauber
Nora Arnezeder
Gianpaolo Venuta
Raphael Grosz-Harvey
Brent Skagford
Andrew MacKay
Zeljko Ivanek
Gloria Cooper
Weston Middleton
Lee Sternthal
Holden Wong
Daniel Gervais
Anders Yates
Jean-Marie Montbarbut
Robert Paul Chauvelot
Leni Parker
Sebastien Pilotte
Emile Rivard
David Gow
Kathleen Fee
Keeva Lynk
Jeanie Hackett
Gordon Masten
Jude Beny
Mark Camacho
Carly Granovsky

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The Words

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