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Nicholas Hoult
Genevieve O'Reilly
Pam Ferris
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TheOneRing.net Exclusive!: new "Tolkien" movie poster | Hobbit Movie News and Rumors  TheOneRing.net

Today we're happy to bring you yet another Exclusive from our friends at FOX Searchlight Pictures: a brand new movie poster for the upcoming "Tolkien" movie.

Tue, 12th March 2019

Tolkien Movie Trailer #2: J.R.R. Tolkien Wants to Write Something  Screen Rant

Nicholas Hoult is J.R.R. Tolkien in the full-length trailer for Tolkien, a biopic about The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings author's formative years.

Wed, 6th March 2019

New movie starring Nicholas Hoult focuses on Tolkien's early years  The Oxford Times

A NEW movie focusing on the early life of Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien will hit cinema screens in May.

Tue, 26th February 2019

Movie About The Lord Of The Rings Author J.R.R. Tolkien Gets Sweeping New Trailer  GameSpot

The latest trailer for the movie about Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien has come online, providing another look at Nicholas Hoult as the legendary author ...

Thu, 7th March 2019

Tolkien trailer taught me I don't know how to pronounce Tolkien's name  CNET

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings author was a master of languages, but not all of us are.

Mon, 11th March 2019

Middle-earth Map March Madness – Silmarillion locations | Hobbit Movie News and Rumors  TheOneRing.net

Middle-earth Map March Madness 2019 launched yesterday! As you know by now, the four brackets for this year contain different locations from Tolkien's world.

Wed, 20th March 2019

4th July 2014

Look out for a new teaser trailer from Peter Jackson for The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies, Peter Jackson updates his Facebook Page with some details.

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies is released in the UK on 17th December this year and will complete not only The Hobbit Trilogy of films but also the Tolkien Middle Earth saga.

24th April 2014

It's not been an easy journey for The Hobbit to reach movie status, unlike The Lord of the Rings which seem to come out of nowhere and wow us.

There were legal problems, changes in director, 2 films became 3, the third film was moved to a Christmas release and now we have title change.

Peter Jackson has announced on his Facebook page that he is going to rename the last film in his trilogy The Battle of the Five Armies.

In the post he states that Tolkien (the original author) saw There and Back Again as the full adventure, "As Professor Tolkien intended, “There and Back Again” encompasses Bilbo's entire adventure, so don't be surprised if you see it used on a future box-set of all three movies."

Anticipation is great for the third film in The Hobbit series, and probably final film from Middle Earth. The three Lord of the Rings films were huge box office hits and although The Hobbit films haven't been as big they have still earned fans across the world.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has a worldwide release on 17th December 2014.

20th December 2012

After an almost never ending saga of setbacks and 9 years after The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, director Peter Jackson takes his vision of J. R. R. Tolkien The Hobbit to the top of the box office.

Maybe because of the slightly less than favorable reviews are the reason but The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey debuts this week with a less than expected £11,601,538, still excellent but for best opening weekends that gross places it only at 33, between Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and 2, still an excellent gross but I don't think it will have a dominance over the box office like Skyfall has.

The Hobbit was nearly the only film released this week, but Disney did release Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings which landed at 5 with £528,82

Falling to number 2 this week is Rise of the Guardians which grossed £1,250,469 over the weekend.

A year ago Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows took the top spot with £3,827,697 on it's debut weekend knocking Arthur Christmas into third.

Five years ago The Golden Compass was still at the top with £3,002,951 while Enchanted entered at number 2 with £2,547,975.

Ten years ago Bond was still the top film with a weekend gross of £2,220,351 taking it's total to £27,078,158 while the top film was Like Mike at 4 with £246,169.

12th January 2011

As if there was ever any doubt about the involvement of the major players from The Lord of the Rings series, but Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis (Gandalf and Gollum) certainly held out, but they will reprise their roles in Peter Jacksons The Hobbit.

Martin Freeman has been on board since day 1 and former Doctor Who Sylvester Mccoy also having a role. Frodo himself Elijah Wool has also signed which is something of a mystery as Frodo is never mentioned in The Hobbit, what with this being a prequel to the Rings Trilogy, clearly Jackson is taking some artistic license.

The film has had a troubled pre-production with copyright issues stopping production for many years, and a loss of original director, but with Jackson on board and the continuing cast list 2012 will be a great year for fans of the Tolkien world.

25th July 2009

Some years ago I was fortunate enough to be in New Zealand very soon after I had seen the last of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and while there I went to a small town called Mata Mata and when on a tour of he farm where the Hobbiton scenes in the film were filmed.

The village itself was barely still standing other that the area where the actual Hobbit houses themselves were, but he trip was well worth it as many of the workers who were on the farm had good stories to tell and despite the appearance of disrepair you could still get a good sense of being in Hobbiton. Unfortunately the weather and roaming sheep had not been kind and things were deteriorating fast.

The good news this week is that the set builders are back on the farm and are re-building the village ready for work of Guillermo del Toro The hobbit which starts filming next year. This really is exciting news as hopefully the owner of the farm will have a better say on things being removed this time and next time I go to New Zealand I can visit a fully realised village which would be wonderful.

The Hobbit is being readied for a 2011 release so there is still a lot of time before we get to see this but as you can imagine as Tolkien film produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Guillermo del Toro is a tasty prospect.

For some great pictures check out theonering.net.

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