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Toy Story 4

100 minutes (1 hours 40 minutes)
21st June
Toy Story 4

Directed by

Josh Cooley


Buzz Lightyear
Tony Hale
Keegan-Michael Key
Madeleine McGraw
Jordan Peele
Duke Caboom
Ally Maki
Giggle McDimples
Jay Hernandez
Bonnie's Dad
Lori Alan
Bonnie's Mom
Bonnie Hunt
Kristen Schaal
Emily Davis
Billy / Goat / Gruff
Wallace Shawn
John Ratzenberger
Blake Clark
Slinky Dog
June Squibb
Margaret the Store Owner
Carl Weathers
Combat Carls
Lila Sage Bromley
Don Rickles
Mr. Potato Head
Jeff Garlin
Maliah Bargas-Good
Lost Girl
Jack McGraw
Young Andy
Juliana Hansen
Miss Wendy
Estelle Harris
Mrs. Potato Head
Laurie Metcalf
Andy's Mom
Steve Purcell
The Dummies
Mel Brooks
Melephant Brooks
Alan Oppenheimer
Old Timer
Carol Burnett
Chairol Burnett
Betty White
Bitey White
Carl Reiner
Carl Reineroceros
Axel the Carnie
Patricia Arquette
Harmony's Mom
Timothy Dalton
Mr. Pricklepants
Caboom TV Announcer
Melissa Villasenor
Karen Beverly
Jeff Pidgeon
John Morris
Teenage Andy
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Thu, 15th August 2019

Toy Story 4 Becomes the 5th Disney Movie This Year to Cross $1 Billion  The Nerd Stash

Toy Story 4 has crossed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. This is the fifth Disney film this year to cross that billion-dollar benchmark.

Sat, 17th August 2019

When is Toy Story 4 released on DVD in the UK? When you can pre-order and watch online  Radio Times

Toy Story 4 on DVD is expected to come out later this year - here's how to pre-order and where to watch it online.

Tue, 23rd July 2019

COLUMN: 'Toy Story 4' was a much-needed movie  Indiana Daily Student

Many fans of the original “Toy Story,” myself included, were wary that “Toy Story 4” wouldn't live up to its poignant predecessor. But after seeing this latest entry, ...

Mon, 29th July 2019

Toy Story 4 | Movie Reviews  Metropolis Japan

When a new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.

Fri, 9th August 2019

Film Review: "Toy Story 4"  The UCSD Guardian Online

Despite being an unnecessary sequel, “Toy Story 4” is a promising addition to the esteemed animated franchise. Nine years after the tear-jerking “Toy Story 3” in ...

Sat, 20th July 2019

15th August 2019

The Lion King returns to the top of the UK box office this week after letting go of it for Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw while the top new film comes it at number 4 with Blinded By The Light.

The Lion King

Disneys remake of their 1994 hit animation has proved to be a massive hit in the same way the remake of Beauty And The Beast was back in 2017.

This week the film goes back to the top of the UK box office with an excellent £4.3 Million gross, incredible for a film which has been on general release for 4 weeks.

In comparison Beauty And The Beast had a big fall in its fourth week and took about a third of the previous weeks taking, here the film drop about a third from the previous weekend.

The films total is also higher and to date it has taken £59 Million and is the second highest grossing film of the year behind Avengers: Endgame.

Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw

The Fast & Furious franchise move drops into second place on its 2nd weekend of release with £2.9 Million for a £12.8 Million total gross.

Toy Story 4

Another massive hit for Pixar with Woody and the gang taking £1.6 Million on its 8th weekend for a £58.7 Million Uk total.

Blinded By The Light

Blinded By The Light

Coming in at number 4 this weekend, and the highest new film, is the latest from acclaimed director Gurinder Chadha who brought us classics British films such as Bend It Like Beckham and Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging.

Not her best debut to date, but she'e contending with the Disney big hitters, but a debut of just shy of a Million is not bad for the Bruce Springsteen inspired movie.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Still hanging onto a top 5 place the Sony Spider-Man movie takes £700K on its 6th weekend of release pushing its total to £35.5 Million.

Playmobil: The Movie

Maybe cashing in on the succes of the recent LEGO movies this animated version of the popular toys hots the chart at number 7 with just less than £400K.


Disneys other live action remake on the chart this week sits at number 15 after 12 weeks on the box office and a total UK gross of £36.5 Million.

8th August 2019

The Lion kings reign over the UK box office came to an end the weekend with The Fast And The Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw taking over at the top on its opening weekend while The Angry Birds Movie 2 disappoints on its debut.

Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw

Universal starts to spread the wings of its very successful Fast & Furious series with a spin off using the characters of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw.

The film opens well in the UK, although not as well as the parent movie since episode 6, but a £6.3 Million opening weekend is still good.

The film takes 40% of the grosses on this weeks top 15.

The Lion King

Disneys CGI live action movie takes £5.1 Million over the weekend to push its UK gross to an incredible £50.7 Million after 3 weeks of release.

This makes the film the third highest grossing film of the year with Toy Story 4 and Avengers: Endgame ahead of it.

Over the full week Monday - Sunday the films gross is £13 Million far outgrossing Hobbs And Shaw, and if you take away the Thursday previews then the Disney movie also outgrosses the number 1 film.

Toy Story 4

The Pixar animation falls to number 3 this week with £1.3 Million which gives the film a £55.4 Million gross after 7 weeks of release.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Marvels team up with Sony to bring Spider-Man into the MCU is on its 5th weekend and takes £862 Thousand at number 4 for a £32.9 Million total.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Making its debut at number 5 this week is the follow up to 2016 movie The Angry Birds which took £2.1 Million on its debut and entered the box office at number 2.

The follow up manages a debut weekend of a little over £700 Thousand.


Guy Ritchie's live action Disney movie has been the surprise summer hit and this week is at number 13 with a total UK gross of £36.3 Million after 11 weeks of release.

6th August 2019

The Fast And Furious franchise continues to grow with the first film outside the main franchise as Hobbs And Shaw take the top of the box office with The Lion King falling from the top to number 2.

Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham flex their star power muscle in the first spin off from the 8 film strong Fast And Furious series to the tune of $60.8 Million on its debut weekend.

This may be lower than the average movie from the parent series but it is still a good debut and will ensure we not only get a sequel to this film but also get more spin off films.

The Lion King

The Lion King

Three weeks in and the Jon Favreau directed live action remake takes $38.2 Million as it falls from the top spot to number 2.

This puts the films total US gross at an amazing $430.8 Million.

Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino Hollywood set 1960s film falls to number 3 this week with a weekend gross of $20 Million pushing the films total gross to $78.8 Million.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Marvels web slinger falls to number 4 on its 5th weekend of release with a weekend gross of $7.7 Million and a total gross of $360.3 Million.

Toy Story 4

Pixars animated fourquel falls to number 5 this week with $7.1 Million over the weekend and $410 Million in total.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel might has been on release now for 15 weeks and is still on the top 15 films at number 14 with a total US gross of $857.4 Million.

1st August 2019

With Disney's live action The Lion King remaining at the top of the UK box office there were no big new releases so André Rieu 2019 Maastricht Concert: Shall We Dance? Event Cinema showing came in as the highest new entry.

The Lion king

Remaining at the top of the UK box office this week is the live action movie remake from Disney which takes an amazing £10.6 Million on its 2nd weekend.

This puts the films total gross at £36.8 Million puts its above that of the original animation, although adjusted for inflation it is well behind, at the moment.

Toy Story 4

The Pixar animation sits at number 2 again this week with a gross of £2.5 Million after 6 weeks of release.

The film now has a total gross in the Uk of £51 Million easily putting it as the second highest of the year.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Sony's MCU movie is at number 3 this week with £1.7 Million putting it at £30.5 Million for its total gross.

André Rieu 2019 Maastricht Concert: Shall We Dance?

André Rieu 2019 Maastricht Concert: Shall We Dance?

Always a popular pull on the Event Cinema scene the 2019 Maastricht Concert from André Rieu enters the box office at number 4 with £1.5 Million.


The Danny Boyle directed movie falls to 5 this week with £613,000 over the weekend pushing its total to £11 Million after 5 weeks.

Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans

May a bit of a disappointment the movie version of popular childrens TV show Horrible Histories enters at 6 this week with £609,490.



Maybe making its last appearence on the box office this week the Elton John fantasy Bio-Pic falls to number 15 after 10 weeks with a total gross of £24.4 Million.

31st July 2019

The Lion King is still the top film of the week at the US box office but director Quentin Tarantino scores the best debut of his career with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Lion King

The Disney live action movie spends a second weekend at the top with a gross of $75.5 Million.

This pushes the films total gross after 2 weeks to an amazing $350.7 Million.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino brings his latest film to the big screen and in the process gets the biggest opening of his career.

Making its debut at number 2 this 1960's based film set in Hollywood starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt takes $40.3 Million on its debut weekend.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Still pulling in the crowds at number 3 in the latest film from Sony and Marvel starring Tom Holland which pulls in $12.2 Million over the weekend.

This puts the film 4 week total gross at $344.4 Million.

Toy Story 4

Sitting at number 4 this week is the Pixar animation with a weekend of $9.8 Million wich boosts its total to $395.6 Million after 6 weeks of release.


3 weeks on and the big crocodile thriller is at number 5 with a weekend gross of $4 Million which boosts its total to $31 Million.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel mammoth is still at number 12 this week and 14 weeks after its release it has taken $856.4 Million.

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Toy Story 4 is number 3 on the UK box office this week.

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Toy Story 4

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Toy Story 4

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Toy Story 4

UK BBFC Certificate: U

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