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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business
Directed by
Ken Scott
Dave Franco
June Diane Raphael
Britton Sear
Ella Anderson
James Marsden
Ken Scott
Kasia Malinowska
Carmen Lopez
Melissa McMeekin
Michael Krabbe
Uwe Ochsenknecht
Patrick Pinheiro
Jil Funke
Marc Zwinz
Volker Wackermann
Jonathan Gyles
Frowin Wolter
Leonard Carow
Antonia Putiloff
Golo Euler
Simone Hanselmann
David C. Bunners
Christian Sengewald
Anian Zollner
Eray Egilmez
Sven Gerhardt
Bonita Friedericy
Rainer Reiners
Terry Conforti
Michael Tow
Sarah Randall Hunt
David Akinloye
Stephanie Atkinson
Melanie Benna
Amanda Blattner
Thomas Braun
Van Brockmann
David Brückner
Shawn Contois
Jeffrey Corazzini
Patrick Curran
Edgar Damatian
Anna Daraz
Steven Dougherty
Curtis Eames
Christopher Eaton
Larry Eudene
Brian Faherty
John Franchi
Susan Garibotto
Ali Geldiava
Phyllis Gordon II
Elaine Victoria Grey
London Hall
Rosemary Howard
Kimberly Howe
Nicole Jesson
Glenn W. Kane
Wendy Kay
Bobby Kenney
Remington Keyes
Jeffery Kincannon
Lauren Laperriere
Isabel B. Lirag
Anastasia Sanidopoulos Mousis
Ed OKeefe
Dennis Oestreich
Rebecca Olejniczak
Joseph Oliveira
Richard Pacheco
Jamal Peters
Heidi Philipsen
Steven Rears
Stew Replogle
Osmani Rodriguez
Gary Roscoe
Melanie Blake Roth
Francesca Shipsey
Lino Tanaka
Carl CJ Tempesta
Janine Theisen
Chris Theisinger
Noelle Trudeau
Jaimie Tucker
Clement von Franckenstein
Alexander Yassin

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12th March 2015

Making it 2 weeks at the top, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel retains it's lead over the rest of the box office with £2 million over the weekend, 33% down on last week, not bad.

In an unusual move the Will Smith starring Focus moves up to second place despite a drop to £ 1.3 million in weekend gross, showing what a low grossing weekend it was.

Highest new film of the frame is Neill Blomkamp Chappie at 4, despite the hype the movie only managed a £1.015 million opening weekend, the lowest of the directors career.

Other new films this weekend are: Still Alice at 8 but from only 86 screen showing and Unfinished Business at 9, Vince Vaughn's career worst.

Historical charts

Last year
300 Rise of an Empire replaced The Lego Movie at the top of the box office on it's debut week, The Lego Movie fell to number 2.

Five years ago
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland made a huge debut at the top of the box office, finally dislodging Avatar which fell a single place to 2.

Ten years ago
Horror film Boogeyman went in at the top despite it very low opening of less than a million pound, it replaces Hide and Seek which fell to 2.

Fifteen years ago
Some stability at the top with Toy Story 2 remaining at number 1, highest new film was at 2 in the shape of Three Kings starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.

Twenty and twenty five years ago
Twenty years ago Dumb and Dumber was still the big film in March with The Madness of King George making waves as a new film, twenty five years ago saw Look Who's Talking making an impressive debut in March as the top film.

9th March 2015

At the US box office this week director of District 9 and Elysium Neill Blomkamp sees his latest film Chappie hit the number 1 spot.

Chappie's debut at the top is during the worst grossing weekends of the year so far in America, and the worst since late last year.

Chappie takes $13.3 million over the weekend which does't put it in good stead to have a long stay on the box office.

Falling to number 2 this week is Focus with a $10 million second weekend and $34.6 million gross after 10 days of release.

Also new on the US box office this week are: Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel entering at 3 and Unfinished Business which enters at 10.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £716,596 and is the 3359th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Genres:Popular in: Canada
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 9

Weeks on box office: 2

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