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Village Of The Damned

Directed by
John Carpenter
Christopher Reeve
Kirstie Alley
Linda Kozlowski
Michael Paré
Meredith Salenger
Pippa Pearthree
Peter Jason
Constance Forslund
Karen Kahn
Thomas Dekker
Lindsey Haun
Cody Dorkin
Trishalee Hardy
Jessye Quarry
Adam Robbins
Chelsea DeRidder Simms
Renee Rene Simms
Danielle Keaton
Hillary Harvey
Bradley Wilhelm
Jennifer Wilheim
George Buck Flower
Squire Fridell
Darryl Jones
Ed Corbett
Ross Martineau
Skip Richardson
Tony Haney
Sharon Iwai
Robert Lewis Bush
Montgomery Hom
Steven Chambers
Ron Kaell
Lane Nishikawa
Michael Halton
Julie Eccles
Lois Saunders
Sidney Baldwin
Wendolyn Lee
Kathleen Turco-Lyon
Abigail Van Alyn
Roy Conrad
Dan Belzer
Dena Martinez
Alice Barden
John Brebner
Ralph Miller
John Carpenter
Jeff Scott
Theodore Carl Soderberg

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