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You Were Never Really Here


You Were Never Really Here
Lynne Ramsay
Joaquin Phoenix
Dante Pereira-Olson
Larry Canady
Vinicius Damasceno
Neo Randall
Judith Roberts
Frank Pando
John Doman
Edward Latham
Alex Manette
Claire Hsu
Denis Ozer
Tia-Sophia Bush
Lucy Lan Lao
Annie Mac-Yang
Mengqi He
Rose De Vera
Tian-Lan Chaudhry
Ryan Martin Brown
Ace Ramsey
Ekaterina Samsonov
Silvia Pena
Jason Babinsky
Jonathan Wilde
Ronan Summers
Kate Easton
Alessandro Nivola
Novella Nelson
Madison Arnold
Leigh Dunham
Emily Ng
Cristina Dohmen
Joseph Anthony Jerez
Jalina Mercado
Oleg Ossayenko
Sophie Piedras
Scott Price
Christian Reeve

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14th March 2018

Not a lot of movement on the UK box office this week as Black Panther stays at the top for a fourth weekend and the top new film is at number 12.

The last time a film spent four consecutive weekends at the top was July 2017 when Dunkirk did it, Black panther has followed a very similar path and that film went on to make £44 million.

Black panther this weekend takes £2.9 million which brings the films total UK gross to £39.8 million, it is the top grossing film of the year, it has also just passed the $1 billion mark globally.

Breaking outside the top 10 briefly, with a lack of any big blockbusters this weekend the top new film of the week is You Were Never Really Here starring Joaquin Phoenix which is new at 12 with a weekend gross of £288,344.

Climbing to 2 this weekend is The Greatest Showman which is having one of the greatest box office runs ever, 11 weeks in and its not left the top 5 and its grossed over £1 million on each of those weeks.

This week it takes £1.5 million, an increase on last week, which brings its total gross to an incredible £37 million.

The rest of the top 5 is filled with Red Sparrow, last weeks top new entry falls to 3, and then hold overs Game Night at number 4 and lady Bird at number 5.

Worth noting is the 2 big Oscar winning film saw mixed fortunes this week, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri dropper from last week while The Shape Of Water saw a very slight increase.

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UK release date:

Highest chart position: 12

Weeks on box office: 1

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16 March 2018
23 March 2018
30 March 2018
6 April 2018
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20 April 2018
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Total UK gross £1,031,989 and the 2871th top grossing film in the UK