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Sex and the City 2 2010 No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


Sex and the City 2
 146 minutes (2 hrs 26 mins)
UK release date UK release: 28th May 2010
 BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
US release date US release: 27th May 2010
MPAA Age Rating: R
US total gross
  $95.3 Million
Global total gross
  $288.3 Million
Michael Patrick King
Sarah Jessica Parker
Carrie Bradshaw
Kristin Davis
Charlotte York
Cynthia Nixon
Miranda Hobbes
Kim Cattrall
Samantha Jones
Minglie Chen
Bergdorf Salesgirl
Chris Noth
Mr. Big
David Eigenberg
Evan Handler
Alexandra Fong
Parker Fong
Mario Cantone
Willie Garson
Noah Mills
Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli
Billy Stritch
Band Leader
Nadine Isenegger
Liza Dancer
Natalie Lomonte
Liza Dancer
Michael T. Weiss
Handsome Man at Wedding
Kelli O'Hara
David Alan Basche
Viola Harris
Gloria Blatch
Gerry Vichi
Leo Blatch
Kamilah Marshall
Bewitched Singer #1
Shayna Steele
Bewitched Singer #2
Jordan Ballard
Bewitched Singer #3
Norm Lewis
Manuel Herrera
Alexandra Carl
Waitress at Inn
Liliana Pizzuto
Sabrina Pizzuto
Savanna Mae Dezio
Sienna Cheryl Dezio
Alice Eve
Lynn Cohen
Joseph Pupo
Neal Bledsoe
Ron White
Selenis Leyva
Condola Rashad
Jason Lewis
Jennifer Ferrin
Kevin Brown
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn
Art Malik
Shiekh Khalid
Dhafer LAbidine
Penélope Cruz
Carmen Garcia Carrion
Deepa Purohit
Stewardess #1
Nicole Shalhoub
Stewardess #2
Chriselle Almeida
Stewardess #3
Fatima Nouali
Security Woman #1
Meryem Zaimi
Security Woman #2
Omid Djalili
Mr. Safir
Raza Jaffrey
Butler Gaurau
Walton Nunez
Butler Abdul
Akhmiss Abdelmalek
Butler Adman
Abdesselam Bouhasni
Butler Resir
Najat Kheir Allah
Real Housewife of Abu Dhabi
Azzedine Riyad
Shifty Man
Mohamad Belfikh
Shoe Salesman
John Corbett
Max Ryan
Rikard Spirt
Daoud Heidami
Alexander Wraith
Nightclub Waiter
Adesola A. Osakalumi
Nightclub DJ #1
Nnamudi Amobi
Nightclub DJ #2
Tory Ross
Singer #1
Loretta Ables Sayre
Singer #2
Ronica V. Reddick
Singer #3
Moutaouakil Mohammed
Outraged Man
Zohra Sadiki
Outraged Woman
Jamal Selmaoui
Security Guard #1
Hniny Mostapha
Security Guard #2
Antony Bunsee
Waleed Zuaiter
Piter Marek
Tarek Moussa
Abderrahim Daris
Angry Old Man #1
Mohamed Kafi
Angry Man #2
Adil Louchgui
Angry Man #3
Belmjahed Abdelhak
Angry Man #4
Mustafa Alyassri
Angry Man #5
Sultan Alyassri
Angry Man #6
Rana Alamuddin
Goldy Notay
Anoush NeVart
Marjan Neshat
Stewardess #4
Jimmy Palumbo
William The Doorman
Jack O'Brien
New Firm Law Partner
Megan Boone
Nick Adams
Wedding Chorus
Paul Canaan
Wedding Chorus
Joshua Cruz
Wedding Chorus
Van Hughes
Wedding Chorus
Jay Armstrong Johnson
Wedding Chorus
Robert Lenzi
Wedding Chorus
Michael Mahany
Wedding Chorus
Kyle Dean Massey
Wedding Chorus
Jeffrey Omura
Wedding Chorus
Andrew Rannells
Wedding Chorus
Matthew Risch
Wedding Chorus
Nicholas Rodriguez
Wedding Chorus
Ryan Silverman
Wedding Chorus
Will Taylor
Wedding Chorus
Max von Essen
Wedding Chorus
Dashaun Young
Wedding Chorus
Belly Dancer
Stephanie Crique
Belly Dancer
Cristina Davila
Belly Dancer
Jeni Viva Espinet
Belly Dancer
Marinela Halasa
Belly Dancer
Layla Isis
Belly Dancer
Deepa Jain
Belly Dancer
Janelle Jonna
Belly Dancer
Laura Jordan
Belly Dancer
Dorit Elena
Belly Dancer
Maria Michaels
Belly Dancer
Amira Mor
Belly Dancer
Sarah Rayani
Belly Dancer
Yasmine Silvestro
Belly Dancer
Olga Sokolova
Belly Dancer
Crystal Mor
Belly Dancer
Segun Akande
George Aloi
Pedro Alvarado
Wedding Guest
John Antorino
Bobby Bank
Victoria Beltran
Ait ben Azzouz Brahim
Taxi driver
Melanie Chandra
Flight Attendant
Peter Conboy
Vincent De Paul
Marantino Wedding Guest
Michael Dean
Nightclub Patron
Fumi Desalu-Vold
Wealthy Gucci Shopper
Devon Diep
Sanam Erfani
Red Carpet Guest
Marshall Factora
Filipino VIP-Dubai
Natalie Gal
Victoria Gates
Glenn Patrick Glenn
Gay Couple at Black Tie Affair
Annie Hall
Wedding Guest
Shaun Hasas
Christian Hebel
Wedding Concertmaster
Derek Hedlund
Nightclub Guest
Moe Hindi
Middle Eastern Socialite
Laura Jane Jones
Haytham Kandil
Ali Khan
Dubai Clubgoer
Shaunte Knight
Tuesday Knight
Conrad Korsch
Bassist with Liza Minelli
Chandy Krapes
Flight Attendent
Chris Kulanusorstit
Shakyra LaShae
DJ's Girlfriend
Jerry Lobrow
Red Carpet Press Photographer
Miley Cyrus Fan / Wedding Guest
Gibran Malik
Shiek's Assistant
Tom Margiotta
John Mitchell
Night Cub Patron
Arash Mokhtar
Nightclub Patron
Luisa Narins
Wedding Guest
Leslie C. Nemet
Friend of Stanford
Richie Nuzzolese
Featured Guy
Rick Pantera
Guest at the Black Tie Wedding
Dana Power
Wedding Guest
Amanda Rea
Kristina Rivera
Wedding Guest
TJ Robinson
Actress on red carpet
Marcus Ruhl
Wedding Guest
Alex Rush
Wealthy Shopper
Nicole Russin-McFarland
Janani Saara
Club Dancer
Wayne Stephens
Tom Stratford
Coffee Shop Guy
Edwin Torres
Nightclub Patron
Todd Verow
Wedding Guest
Tet Wada
VIP Party Patron
Steven Weisz
European Shopper
Justin L. Wilson
Wedding Guest
Dolores Winn
Homeless Woman
Zack Yanni
Rugby Player
David C. Yashin
Stanford's Guest
Stosh Zona
Upscale European Shopper
Preity Upala