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Time Raiders 2016

 124 minutes (2 hrs 04 mins)
US release date US release: 5th August 2016
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This week at the global box office Warner Bros. Suicide Squad makes a fantastic debut raking in $267.1 million.

The film had a very wide release showing up in 58 countries, one of the largest of any film at the moment, and the US led the way with nearly half that gross, the UK was second.

Normally with such a large opening we would be looking at a long term run and large gross, but this year has proved that big opening weeks don't necessarily mean long cinema runs.

Jason Bourne falls from the top this week quite hard and from 51 counties has a weekly gross of $43 million, the total gross is now $195 million.

Worthy of a mention is Chinese film Time Raiders which opens in just 1 country, China, and manages to land at 3 with $64.6 million.

Finding Dory is still the top total grossing movie on the global box office having taken a total of $870.2 million to date, the billion mark is looking unlikely, but Disney now have the top 4 grossing film of 2016.

  1. Suicide Squad - $267,105,000
  2. The Secret Life Of Pets - $80,164,305
  3. Time Raiders - $64,600,000
  4. Jason Bourne - $43,604,780
  5. Bad Moms - $17,104,000