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US Box Office Analysis 8 - 10 November 2019: An all new top 4 is headed by World War II drama Midway while Terminator drops to fifth

Robert Hyde

The US box office is having the quietest November in many years and this weekend an all new top 4 has Midway topping the chart on its debut albeit with one of the lowest takes for a top film, last weeks number 1, Terminator: Dark Fate, fell to number 5 on its second weekend.


Directed by Roland Emmerich the World Way II drama hits the top of the US box office with a very low for America $6.4 Million.

The film has performed better than expected for the studio and with little in the way of positive reviews once the late November and December big hitters are released the film will disappear quickly.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

Not performing as expected the sequel to 1980's The Shining enters the US box office with $5.2 Million.

With Halloween well out of the way and a busy period coming this will make its way onto home video quite quickly and unfortunately will slip out of the box office.

Last Christmas

A lot of publicity has hit this Christmas hit and the new film from director Paul Feig lands at number 3 this weekend with a gross of $4 Million.

The movie is being heavily publicised for its use of music from Wham! and the late George Micheal, especially the track Last Christmas which the film shares a title, this could see a boost more towards Christmas itself but it may as easily burn out quickly.

Playing With Fire

Starring John Cena a former WWE star the makers of this film must be looking for the kind of success that Dwayne Johnson has had but the film lands at number 4 this week with $3.5 Million.

Terminator: Dark Fate

There is no denying that the new Terminator movie, which had large expectations, simply hasn't re-ignited the once mighty franchise despite bringing back Linda Hamilton.

The film falls this week to number 5 with a weekend gross of $2.8 Million with a total gross in America now $40.4 Million.

The movie is falling fast and it will be lucky if it gets to $100 Million at the US market.


The DC Villain movie falls out of the top 5 this weekend but its the highest total grossing movie on the US top 10 with an amazing $306.8 Million after 6 weeks of release.

This weeks top 10 US Box Office films

  1. Midway - $17,897,419
  2. Doctor Sleep - $14,114,124
  3. Playing With Fire - $12,723,781
  4. Last Christmas - $11,441,055
  5. Terminator: Dark Fate - $10,808,236
  6. Joker - $9,221,303
  7. Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil - $8,414,186
  8. Harriet - $7,406,790
  9. Zombieland: Double Tap - $4,303,498
  10. The Addams Family - $4,160,262
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