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UK release date 26th December 2008

Directed by


David Wenham
Jack Thompson
David Gulpilil
Shea Adams
Eddie Baroo
Ray Barrett
Tony Barry
Jamal Sydney Bednarz
Damian Bradford
Bryan Brown
Nathin Butler
Tara Carpenter
Rebecca Chatfield
Lillian Crombie
Max Cullen
Essie Davis
Arthur Dignam
Michelle Dyzla
Haidee Gaudry
Sandy Gore
Terence Gregory
Jamie Gulpilil
Peter Gwynne
Sean Hall
Nigel Harbach
Joy Hilditch
Matthew Hills
Jimmy Hong
Bill Hunter
Jarwyn Irvin-Collins
Robert Jago
John Jarratt
Eugene Kang
Jacek Koman
Crusoe Kurddal
Liam Lannigan
Siena Larsson
Nathan Lawson
Cody Lea
Jack Leech
Charles Leung
Jacob Linger
Mark Malabirr
John Martin
Logan Mattingley
Adam McMonigal
Dylan Minggun
Phillippe Moon
Nyalik Munungurr
Patrick Mylott
David Ngoombujarra
Barry Otto
Angus Pilakui
Robin Royce Queree
Mark Rathbone
Garry Scott
John Sheerin
Bruce Spence
Wah Yuen
Kerry Walker
Elaine Walker
Brandon Walters
John Walton
Matthew Whittet
Ursula Yovich
Danielle Carey
Will Gabriel
Shaun R.L. King
Anton Monsted
Brennan Muhoberac
Harrison Norris
Chris Polzot
Derek Steen
Schuyler Weiss

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27th November 2018

This week globally Fantastic Beasts 2 gave a good show on the international scene, especially in countries like China, Japan, Australia and UK to keep it at number one for a second weekend stopping Wreck-It Ralph 2 fro making its debut at the top.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

The Harry Potter prequel sequel manages a second weekend at the top of the global box office with a weekly take of $113 million from a very wide 81 countries.

This brings the film total global gross after 2 weekends of release to $439 million, the film isn't that far behind Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

The new Disney film is only released in 19 countries and hence opens at number 2 this week with a global weekly gross of $97 million.

With the film set top open much wider this coming weekend expect to see the film at the top next week.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Having done amazingly well on the internation market the Queen bio-pic is at number 3 this week with $52 million from 70 countries.

The Grinch

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Creed II

Entering at number 5 this week the Creed/Rocky sequel takes $35 million from just 1 location which bodes well for the film going forward.

20th June 2016

At the global box office this week Disney and Pixars new film Finding Dory makes its debut and dominated the box office led by the US.

The US box office brought the film $136 million and globally the film took $186.1 million from 30 countries, Europe and Australia are still to get a release.

Last weeks top film across the globe, The Conjuring 2, falls by a quite a bit but still manages to hold itself at number 2.

The horror film takes $57.4 million this weekend from 50 countries and has a total global gross of $187.9 million.

Also new is Central Intelligence at number 3 with $41 million from 25 countries.

Highest total grossing movie this week on the global box office is Zootopia, not that Captain America is no longer on the top 15, with $1.01 billion dollars.

Here is this weeks top 5 global films

  1. Finding Dory - $186,183,170
  2. The Conjuring 2 - $57,455,000
  3. Central Intelligence - $41,300,000
  4. Now You See Me 2 - $25,450,000
  5. Warcraft - $24,219,785

10th May 2014

Due out later this year check the teaser trailer for The Inbetweeners 2, followup to the successful first movie.

This time the hapless quartet of school leavers head for Australia for more sun, sea and I bet their hoping for a little sex as well.