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UK release date 6th March 2020

Directed by

Dan Scanlon


Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Octavia Spencer

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News from around the web
10th October 2019

A new IP from Pixar is an exciting event in the film world and their new animated tale Onward gets a new trailer which reveals some of the films story.


Set in a fantasy world where magic and strange creatures are the norm the trailer stars two brothers who find a magical staff owned by their late father which promises to bring him back for 24 hours.

The film stars the voice talents of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland who judging by this trailer are in top goof ball mode and the relationship as brothers works.

The film is set for release 6th March 2020 and you can check out the new trailer below.

31st May 2019

The first trailer for new Pixar movie Onward gets its first trailer and the fantasy movie looks fantastic in a true Pixar way.

Little is known about the film but the first trailer introduces us to the fantasy world which could be Earth and we get to meet a few of the new characters.

The animation is set for release March of 2020 so we have a while to go yet but we hope there will be more details of the new movie soon.

Check out the trailer below.