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Richard Madden
Stephen Graham
Harriet Walter
Tate Donovan
Gemma Jones
Charlie Rowe
Jess Radomska
Jimmy Vee
Steven Mackintosh
Viktorija Faith
Tom Bennett
Kamil Lemieszewski
Emily Tebbutt
Sophie Carmen-Jones
Michel Alexandre Gonzalez
Kit Connor
Diana Alexandra Pocol
Layton Williams
Jason Pennycooke
Max Croes
Guillermo Bedward
Joakim Skarli
Matthew Illesley
Bern Collaco
Luke White
Charlotte Sharland
Demetri Goritsas
Graham Fletcher-Cook
Alison Ball
Celinde Schoenmaker
Zina Esepciuc
Sian Crisp
Leon Cooke
Bella Ava Georgiou
Jamie Bacon
Marek Lichtenberg
Adrian Mozzi
Julian Ferro
Ziad Abaza
Ramzan Miah
Tanisha Spring
Alex James-Phelps
Johanna Thea
Riley White
David Olawale Ayinde
Sarah Sharman
Oskar Ulvestad
Israel Ruiz
Samuel Williams
Jason Yip
Nick Davison
Christina Andrew
Laura Obiols
Eddie Register
Solomon Mousley
Charles Armstrong
Benjamin Mason
Stephen Stallone Thomas
Benjamin Lok
Evan Walsh
Stevee Davies
Aston McAuley
Charlie Bentley
Mark Atkin
Anna Benamati
Christopher Jeffers
Amanda Smith
Jack French
Rory Okey
Wade Lewin
Max Mackintosh
Leon Delroy Williams
Peter OHanlon
Ross Farrelly
Cross Harry
Lochlan White
Evie Hogden
Adnan Kundi
Mariela Silva
Samuel Magee
Tristan Temple
Michele Donockley
Miles Coote
David Cradduck
Jonah Miller
Henrihs Ahmadejevs
Will Masheter
Josh McClorey
Tom Ogg
Mark Gooden
Emily Kuhl
Yixin Zeng
Lasco Atkins
Eric Coco
Richard Price

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Mon, 17th June 2019

‘Yesterday’ and ‘Rocketman’ Are Pop-Music Fantasias That Never Touch the Greatness of Their Subjects (Column)  Variety

Owen Gleiberman on how "Yesterday" and "Rocketman" are too busy selling the Beatles and Elton John to understand what made them great.

Sat, 29th June 2019

The Best Movies Based on True Stories in 2019  Esquire

If you're looking for engrossing, fact-based films to get caught up in, check out some of the best based-on-a-true-story movies of 2019. From heist films to musical ...

Sat, 13th July 2019

‘Rocketman’ star Taron Egerton responds to rumours that he’s set to play Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe  NME Live

Taron Egerton, star of 'Rocketman', has responded to rumours that he's set to take up the role of Wolverine in the MCU.

Fri, 12th July 2019

Elton John's Rocketman is what Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody should have been  Metro.co.uk

Elton John's Rocketman was incredible. Even if you're not a fan of the music, you can't say it wasn't packed full of talent, glitz, glam and a soundtrack that was ...

Fri, 21st June 2019

From Rocketman to Yesterday, why have music managers become the new Hollywood supervillains?  Telegraph.co.uk

There's a new breed of supervillain on our screens. These narcissistic, sociopathic creatures are devoid of all humanity; the lowest of the low; cold-blooded ...

Thu, 11th July 2019

25th June 2019

Toy Story 4 makes its debut at the top of the UK box office pushing 4 week champ Aladdin down to number 3, but its all good news for Disney who have back to back number 1 films.


Toy Story 4

The fourth in the series that started back in 1996 and was the first feature film for the fledgeling company Pixar makes its debut on the UK box office with £13.3 Million.

The original toy story made its debut with £5.35 million, but adjusted for inflation this is about £11.5 Million, in a very similar ball park.

For a better comparison Toy Story 3 made its debut in July 2010 to a phenomenal £21.2 Million which would be £27 Million adjusted for inflation, so this new film has a way to go.


The Disney live action film falls from the top after a fantastic 4 week run and takes £1.2 Million on its 5th weekend.

This pushes the films total UK gross to an excellent £32.5 Million, its still got a way to go to beat the live action champ Beauty And The Beasts £72.4 Million but it has done probably better than expected.

Avengers: Endgame

Men In Black: International

The films disappointing debut has continued this weekend as the Men In Black reboot falls to 3 with £1 Million bringing its 2 week total gross to £5 Million.


The Elton John film is hanging onto its top 5 place and this week is at 4 with £783,785 to boosts its total to £21 Million after 5 weeks.


Directed by David Yarovesky and Starring Elizabeth Banks and David Denman this horror superhero film makes its debut at number 5 with £509,030 and is the second highest new film of the week.

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel film is 9 weeks on now and is about the leave the box office chart but after a record smashing run the film has a total UK gross of £88 Million and the film will most likely be the top grossing film of the year.

20th June 2019

Disney's Aladdin is the first film this year to manage 4 weeks at the top of the box office and in the process manages to keep another potential big hit from the top in the shape of Men In Black International which makes its debut at 2.

Men In Black International


The Will Smith Starring movie stays at the top of the UK box office this week with a weekend gross of £2.9 Million.

This takes the films total UK gross to £30.4 Million after 4 weeks of release.

Adjusted for inflation this is still not as high as the original 1993's roughly £38 Million.

Men In Black International

The new Men In Black film takes the runner up spot this week with the film unable to knock the Disney movie from the top.

The Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth starring movie debuts with £2.8 Million, this is lower than any of the other 3 Men In Black film, although compared to part 3 it is almost the same.

Avengers: Endgame


The Elton John film is at 3 this week with a weekend gross of £1.6 Million which pushes the film to &"pound;19.2 total after 4 weeks.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Four weeks in and the animated feature takes £1.5 Million for a £16.8 Million total gross.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

This are looking bad for the latest X-Men movie as it falls to number 5 on its second weekend with a gross of £1.04 Million.

This pushes the films total gross to £5.9 Million and it will be the lowest grossing movie in the 20th Century Fox series.

Avengers: Endgame

Falling to number 12 this week the Marvel hit is on its 8th weekend of release and has taken £87.7 Million.

17th June 2019

After a break of 7 years the Men in Black are back and top the box office on their debut weekend dropping The Life Of Pets 2 down to number 2 on its second weekend of release.


Men In Black: Internation

The Men in Black return with new faces but similar aliens to a first weekend gross of $28.5 million after fairly unfavourable reviews but fairly good word of mouth.

The film stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth back together again after Thor and Avengers: Engame.

Director F. Gary Gray takes over from original director Barry Sonnenfield and does a good job of brining a new spin to the over 20 year old ideas of the original movie.

This is the lowest debut of the series to date which doesn't bode well for the future box office success of the film.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

After making its debut at the top of the US box office last weekend the film falls to number 2 this week with a $23.8 million gross.

This pushes the films total US gross to $92 million after 2 weeks of release.

Avengers: Endgame


Still in the top 5 after 4 weeks of release is the Disney live action movie which takes 16.7 million this weekend and sits at number 3.

The films total gross is now at $263.4 million.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

After making its debbut at number 2 last weekend the latest X-Men movie falls to number 4 this weekend with just $9 million pushing the films total 2 week gross to $51.7 million.


Still in the top 5, at 5, after 3 weeks of release is the Elton John film which takes $8.8 million for a $66.1 million total US gross.


Second highest new film of the week is Samuel L Jacksons movie which enters the box office at 6 with a $8.3 million gross.

Avengers: Endgame

8 weeks on and the Marvel movie is still on the US box office, this weeks its at number 11 and its total gross is $830.5 million.

11th June 2019

The UK is clearly loving the Disney live action remake of Aladdin as the film completes a third weekend at the top of the box office leaving X-Men: Dark Phoenix to debut at 2.

X-Men Dark Phoenix


Completing a trio of weeks at the top this weekends gross for the Disney movie is £3.9 million, it was a close fought battle with Dark Phoenix at number 2.

This gives the film a total UK gross of $26.1 million which means it is director Guy Ritchie's 3rd film to achieve this but Will Smith's 10th film.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The latest X-Men film, and the last under 20th Century Fox before the Disney takeover, lands at number 2 on the box office.

The film takes £3.8 million on its debut weekend, only a small amount behing Aladdin.


Still in the top 3, at 3, this weekend is the Elton John movie with a weekend gross of £2.2 million which boosts its total to £16.1 million.

Avengers: Endgame

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

The Pets sequel movie falls to 4 this weekend with £2 million for a total Uk gross of £14.9 million.

Take That: Greatest Hits Live

Making its debut at number 5 this week is the live concert to accompany the Greatest Hits of Take That which takes £1.8 million on its single night of show last Saturday.

This marks the highest ever debut for a concert film shown live at the box office.

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel movie spends its 7th weekend on the char this week and has a total gross of £84.5 million.

10th June 2019

The latest X-Men movie Dark Phoenix takes over at the top of the global box office on its debut weekend while Godzilla falls herd on its second weekend of release leaving Aladdin to do well with The Secret Life Of Pets 2 also increasing its dominence after a US release.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Hitting the top of the global box office the latest, and probably last, film in the 20th Century Fox X-Men saga the film manages a weekend gross of $140 million from 54 countries.

This is by far the lowest debut of any of the series and after the unfavourable reviews it will most likely end up the lowest grossing movie of the series.


The Disney live action movie is doing well in areas like Europe but not doing so well in North America hence the film manages a good $92.1 million from 56 countries and sits at number 2 this week.

This pushes the films total global gross after 3 weeks to a very respectable $604.8 million.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

The animated sequel gets its North American release this weekend and flies back up the box office to number 3 with a weekend gross of $63.1 million from 31 countries.

The films total gross is now at $97 million after 3 weeks of release.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

The big monster movie falls hard from the top where it debuted last weekend to number 4 with $62.6 million from 79 countries.

The films total global gross is $292.2 million after 2 weeks of release.


The Elton John bio-pic falls to 5 this week with $27 million from 51 countries for a 3 week total gross of $101.7 million.

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel mega hit falls to number 12 this week with a total global gross of $2.73 Billion after 7 weeks of release.

Its looking increasingly unlikely it will topple the Avatar total of $2.78 Billion although it can't be totally written off yet.

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Rocketman is number 10 on the UK box office this week.

UK total gross

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Popular in: United Kingdom and Malaysia

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Weeks on box office: 7

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