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Cyrano 2022 Films classified 12A contain material that is not generally suitable for children aged under 12. No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. Adults planning to take a child under 12 to view a 12A film should consider whether the film is suitable for that child. To help them decide, we recommend that they check the Ratings info for that film in advance.


 124 minutes (2 hrs 04 mins)
Portugal release date Portugal release: 13th January 2022
UK release date UK release: 25th February 2022
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
US release date US release: 28th January 2022
MPAA Age Rating: PG-13
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Upcoming movie Cyrano based on the Edmond Rostand play Cyrano de Bergerac has been given a 12A age rating by the BBFC in the UK.

The movie stars Peter Dinklage who is fresh from starring in Game of Thrones and Haley Bennett who last appeared in the excellent Hillbilly Elegy.

The movie is directed byJoe Wright who directed The Woman In the Window in 2021.

Movie Synopsis

On one side, the passion of a teacher seeking to pass on the beauty of the texts to his pupils, on the other the commitment of a director to his troupe. An in-depth look at the recreation of "Cyrano de Bergerac", Edmond Rostand's masterpiece, by the Theatre de Carouge, Geneva.

BBFC certificate breakdown.

  • Title: Cyrano
  • BBFC age rating: 12A Certificate
  • Reason: moderate violence, bloody images, discrimination, language, threat
  • Release date: 14th January 2022
  • Runtime: 123m (2 hour 03 minutes)
  • Director:
    • Joe Wright
  • Starring:
    • Peter Dinklage
    • Haley Bennett
    • Kelvin Harrison Jr.

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